Youth Spend Weekend Learning to Hunt Deer in Greenfield


Youth and their parents recently participated in the Tennessee Widlife Federation's Hunting and Fishing Academy held in Greenfield November 5. Attending the academy were Reese Avery, accompanied by Kristen Avery; Aydan Kalolwala, accompanied by Sam Kalolwala; Matt Land, accompanied by David Land; and Jacob Harris, accompanied by Russell Harris.

GREENFIELD (November 5) – Recently, four youth — and their accompanying parents and guardians— learned how to hunt deer with Tennessee Wildlife Federation’s Hunting and Fishing Academy in Greenfield, Tennessee.

With nearly-perfect weather conditions that weekend, three youth participants were able to successfully harvest deer.

Hunting and Fishing Academy provides engaging, hands-on instruction in the art of being an outdoorsman to novice hunters and anglers of all ages through multi-day, immersive experiences. The Academy’s highly-trained, lifelong sportsmen and women lead participants through completing essential skills in the field on some of the best hunting and fishing grounds in the state. Participants leave with all of the basic skills and knowledge needed to go out again on their own.

Another Academy experience is planned for January 8-10, 2021. For hunters, this includes practical sessions about reading the land and understanding the species to pick the best location, how to create a blind, what to consider to ensure ethical harvesting, safely field dressing the harvest, and more.

Participants are mentored by volunteer Hunt Masters, who are highly-trained, sportsmen and women and Academy staff.

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