Weakley Playhouse Presents ‘The Crucible’


Members of the Weakley Playhouse have rehearsed for months in preparation for their upcoming virtual performance of “The Crucible,” which will be available online February 19. Tickets can be purchased now through February 19.[/caption]

WEAKLEY COUNTY (February 7) - Weakley County thespians will soon not only be stars of the stage, but the screen as well, Thanks to Director Martin Kane's efforts, the Weakley Playhouse production of “The Crucible” will be available for viewing online beginning February 19. Those interested in watching the performance can purchase their tickets through the following link: https://weakleyplays.anywhereseat.com/channel.php.

The AnywhereSeat ticketing program allows guests to purchase digital access. When you purchase your spot, you’ll reserve your virtual seat by receiving a special Ticket Code. To unlock, you’ll simply enter your Ticket Code. The performance will be available on-demand for 24 hours on Friday, February 19. The line-up of cast members includes students from across Weakley County.

They are Zach Whiteman, Betsy Mantooth, Angela Campbell, James McGregor, Grayson Gilliam, Zanda Tipton, Abbey Buchanan, Gloria Hogan, Carter Cooper, Jonah Simmons, Katelee Roberts, Mahdi Alinazi, Matthew Moon, Hannah Harrell, Randall Mongeau, Jeremiah Britt, Taylor Longacre, Lydia Thorsen, Emily Kelley and Atlantis Taylor.