W.C. Schools Announces Launch and Inaugural Class Cohort for Future Educators Program


WCS Future Educators Program Class Cohort Spring 2023.

Students discuss all things education at first ever WCS Future Educators Program Meeting.

WCS High School Counselors serve program and school liaisons for the Future Educators Program.

By Erica Moore

Communications Director Weakley County Schools

Weakley County Schools today announced the launch of the inaugural Weakley Strong Future Educators Program.

The announcement coincides with the selection of the class cohort for the first year of the program.

The Future Educators Program is designed to prepare students to be leaders in the field of education by offering career exploration opportunities in the field of education.

Participants will job shadow an educator in an area of interest at one of Weakley County’s schools, such as a teacher, librarian, coach, or principal.

Students will have the chance to learn about the duties and responsibilities of educators, visualize how to support and prepare students, and take an in-depth look at how to grow and thrive doing meaningful work.

Applying for the program requires a recommendation from a school educator. Selection for the program was based on certain criteria that included grades, school involvement history, previous work ethic, and evaluations from teachers.

Any high school student was permitted to apply, and students selected may be chosen to participate for up to four years.

As part of the program, students must attend school board meetings, gain hours of volunteer service work in the educational field, and job shadow a day in the life of a teacher in Weakley County Schools.

Students selected for the program this year include Matthew Moon, Westview High; Persempathy Harrell, Westview High; Jaeda Perry, Gleason High; Ellie Dodson, Westview School; Paige Stephens, Gleason High; Emily Kelley, Westview High; Rebecca Frazier, Dresden High; Aspen Thompson, Westview High; Zowie Tipton, Gleason High; Brooklyn McDowell, Gleason High; Kelsey Greer, Greenfield High; Lexia Sawyers, Greenfield High; Rebecca Frazier, Dresden High, Mackenzie Lawrence, Dresden High; Alyssa Staples, Dresden High; and Charla Walker, Dresden High.

Assistant Director Betsi Foster is thrilled about the launch and student interest in the program’s first year.

“It’s an exciting time with a lot of new opportunities in Weakley County Schools. Education is a growing field with a wide range of career options. Students who are part of this program will start to see the classroom in a whole new way,” Foster explained. “This hands-on point of view is usually only afforded to college education majors during student teaching. We hope this program will help students identify early if they have the passion for helping students achieve. It’s the greatest profession and we’re thrilled to show students this unique way of looking at education.”

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