Trio Pleads Guilty In Connection With Dresden Burglary


DRESDEN (June 7) — Three Dresden suspects pled guilty to assorted charges for their involvement in a local burglary, after unlawfully entering a Dresden residence and taking an air conditioner from the home.

Carl Lewis Mitchell, 47, is charged with aggravated burglary and theft of property; Tasha Lynn Edge, 36, is charged with criminal trespass and theft of property; and Austin Nathaniel Snyder, 18, faces charges of criminal trespass and theft of property.

According to a court affidavit, on June 7, Dresden Police Department Ptl. Thomas G. Travis was dispatched to 288 Red Hill Road to investigate a theft.

The property owner stated someone stole his window air conditioner.

An investigation by Officer Travis revealed the air conditioner was removed from the home by the residents of 121 East Park Street.

When Ptl. Travis arrived at the address, he spoke with Kente Washington, who said Tasha Edge, Austin Snyder and Carl Mitchell were the individuals who took the air conditioner.

When questioned about the incident, Snyder stated he was told the residence was abandoned, so he went in through a window, took the air conditioner unit, and exited through the front door. Snyder said Edge met him at the door and helped him with the A/C unit.

According to Edge and Snyder, Mitchell stayed in the vehicle during this time.

All three suspects were arrested in connection with the theft of the air conditioner.

Mitchell pled guilty as charged during his preliminary hearing in Weakley County General Sessions Court on Wednesday, June 17. The defendant’s review hearing is Thursday, September 24, and his bond is $2,500.

Edge pled guilty to criminal trespass and theft of property during her June 10 court appearance. Edge’s next court appearance is September 10.

After pleading guilty to criminal trespass and theft of property, Snyder was placed on judicial diversion. His review hearing is September 10, and his bond is $10,000.