Tennessee Sees Largest Single-Day Spike in COVID-19 Cases Monday


NASHVILLE (July 14) — The Tennessee Department of Health reported 3,314 new COVID-19 cases Monday, the largest single-day increase in the state since the beginning of the pandemic. The rise in cases continued Tuesday with 1,514 new cases.

As of Tuesday, there have been 66,788 positive cases in Tennessee (up from 52,155 last Monday) with 767 deaths (up from 633 last Monday).

In Weakley County, there has been one death in a nursing home, 47 have recovered of 81 (64 last week) positive cases and 2,874 (2,448 last Monday) tested negative. 33 cases remain active.

In Carroll County, there has been one death, 33 recovered and 58 (48 last Monday) positive cases. 24 cases remain active. A total of 2,256 (2,020 last Monday) were diagnosed as negative.

In Henry County, 42 have recovered of 56 (45 last Monday) positive cases and 3,131 (2,657 last Monday) tested negative. 14 cases remain active.

In the United States, as of Tuesday, a total of 3,355,457 (2,886,267 last Monday) positive cases were reported in 2020 with 135,235 deaths, according to Centers for Disease Control.