Student Organization Completes Dry-Erase Mural at UT Martin


Members of the League of Striving Artists recently completed a mural on the campus of UT Martin as part of their give back to the campus community. (L to R) Brandy Gaul, Isaiah Kennedy, Daphne LaGrone and Grayson Buchinani.


MARTIN (September 8) – Members of the student organization, League of Striving Artists (LSA) at UT Martin, recently completed a mural in the Student Government Association (SGA) room. The SGA mural is on a dry-erase board and is in place for the reminder of the school year.

Jason Stout, professor and faculty advisor for the League of Striving Artists, stated that SGA and Student Life approached the organization to have a new mural put in place. The League of Striving Artists created a mural for SGA two years ago. This mural can stay up for multiple years or until SGA feels it is in need for a new one.

Vice President of the League of Striving Artists Isaiah Kennedy stated this mural helped many members reconnect with the campus and do something normal during this uncertain time. It was also fulfilling for him to help give back to the UT Martin system. He added, “I hope that they see LSA (League of Striving Artists) and see what we do on campus and that this makes people happy.”

This is not the first mural completed by LSA. The group completed murals across the campus at the university book store, library and competed in various homecoming events.

With the cancellation of most events on the campus, the League of Striving Artists has a limited schedule of events. There is an alumni art show Tuesday, September 29 through Saturday, October 24 in the Fine Arts Building.

The League of Striving Artists is a student-led organization that promotes art through academics, community, leadership and service.

If members of the community are interested in donating to the organization, they can contact Stout by email at