Shooting Incident Discussed


Greenfield City Board


A recent shooting incident involving a Greenfield police officer firing his weapon at a fleeing suspect in downtown Greenfield was a hot topic of discussion during the regular monthly meeting of the Greenfield City Board on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Alderwoman Kelly ​Keylon asked Chief Radford about the status of the investigation into the incident.

Radford replied, “That case is still pending right now.”

Chief Radford stated he is the person that will review the case. “I have been consulting with the city attorney and attorney general. When I get the rest of their input, it will be finalized.”

City Attorney Beau Pemberton noted he was not informed of the situation until several days after the incident occurred, but he also expects to have everything completed by the end of this month.

Keylon asked why no statement had been released to inform the public about the investigation.

Chief Radford said the decision to withhold comment on the incident until after the investigation was made in consultation with Pemberton, Attorney General Tommy Thomas, and the Public Relations Officer with the TBI.

See separate article on this page for more details about the shooting incident.

Department Reports

Greenfield Police Chief Joey Radford said, “We are now accepting applications for a patrol officer.” He explained the officer leaving the Greenfield Police Department “has been accepted into the next lateral class of the Tennessee Highway Patrol.” Chief Radford congratulated the officer and noted Nov. 25 will be his last day on the job. He stated two applications have been turned in, so far, and applications will continue to be taken for the next two weeks. When asked how the female officer that was hired recently is working out, the chief said, “She’s doing just fine.”

Greenfield Fire Chief Bob Dudley stated $13,555 was raised this year to host the Greenfield Fire Prevention Festival and $13,787 was spent. Dudley said he would like for the Board to consider increasing the City’s contribution next year at budget time.

“We had 80 people donating to this event and some of them were wondering why the city didn't put more city money into it,” said Dudley. “It is a City function, and I think we need to add to it a bit.”

Dudley announced Gov. Bill Lee has allocated $5 million for volunteer fire departments. Dudley stated he has applied for a $66,000 grant for firefighting equipment through the Tennessee Fire Marshal’s Office. He noted it is a 100 percent grant and requires no local matching funds.

Dudley noted that about every five years the bottom three or four blocks along the back wall of the fire station have to be repaired and the back wall painted due to moisture problems. “The building is 33 years old and requires a little maintenance,” Dudley said. “I talked to a couple of contractors, and I have a $1,000 bid to do the back wall and paint the front soffits, and I have money in my budget to do that.”

Since the money is within the Fire Department’s budget, no board action was needed to authorize the work.

Greenfield Public Works Director Robert Rodriguez reported his department is still understaffed by one worker, but he is going to try to get through the winter with the employees he has and hire someone before the summer of 2023. “Usually, we’re just trimming trees along the streets, fixing water leaks, and reading water meters (during the winter months),” Rodriguez said.

In the Parks and Recreation report, Mayor Cindy McAdams stated, according to Greenfield Parks and Recreation Director Chris Fulcher, hopefully, basketball will start in January 2023.

The mayor said Senior Citizens Center Director Marilyn Pugh informed her that a group of local seniors will be travelling to Grand Rivers on Dec. 2 for a Christmas show, and they will eat at the Cracker Barrel during the trip. Tickets cost $22 each.

Financial Report

Mayor Cindy McAdams stated local sales taxes collected during the past month amounted to $27,952.27, which is down by $4,923.58 from last month’s collections totaling $32,875.85. However, state sales taxes totaled $19,420.07, which represents an increase of $2,065.43 over the previous month’s collections totaling $17,354.64. Overall, state and local taxes combined amounted to $47,372.34, which is a decrease of $2,858.15.

Alderman Pope said he wants to make sure the money raised by the Beer Tax goes toward road repairs.


Attorney Beau Pemberton announced a tax sale is scheduled to take place online through the Weakley County Clerk and Master’s Office on Feb. 23, 2023.

City Recorder Callie Smithson said there was a good turnout for Trunk-or-Treat, with approximately 617 children participating and a total crowd of 2,000 (counting parents). “It was probably one of the biggest turnouts we’ve ever had.”

She expressed the City’s appreciation for those donating candy for the event, including churches, businesses, schools and individuals.

“We’re working on ‘Christmas Greenfield Style’ now, which is on Dec. 3,” Smithson said. “I’m working on getting vendors set up in the community room. Photos with Santa will be from 4-6 p.m. at the old Greenfield Banking Company building (now Greenfield City Hall).”

Mayor McAdams stated the Veterans Day program will be at 9 a.m. on Nov., 11 at Greenfield School Gym. She took the opportunity to thank outgoing Alderman Don Allen for his service.