Roof Donation Aids Disabled Dresden Couple


Local homeowner Ken McNeil (left) shakes hands with roofing contractor Bobby Gordon after learning Gordon Roofing Restoration is going to resurface McNeil’s roof free of charge.[/caption]


DRESDEN (March 5) — A local roofing contractor announced he is going to restore a disabled Dresden couple’s roof, free of charge.

Bobby Gordon, owner of Gordon’s Roof Restoration in Dresden, says he is restoring Mr. and Mrs. Ken McNeil’s mobile home roof because he wants to give back to the community.

The couple receiving the free roof restoration job resides on Red Hill Road in Dresden.

When asked how the idea to restore a roof for free came about, Gordon said, “My wife and I were at Thanksgiving lunch and we decided we needed to give back to the community. We put a post on Facebook and different places, for people to send letters and recommend someone who deserved it.” He stated the letters really touched his heart, and from this list, the McNeils were selected as the winners.

Gordon read from one of the letters, which nominates Mr. and Mrs. McNeil as recipients of the free roof. It reads in part: “They have limited resources to care for their home. I hope you look into their situation and see the need for a roof restoration.”

Gordon says Mr. McNeil is legally blind, but still manages to care for his wife, who is wheelchair bound.

Because of his limited vision, Mr. McNeil can’t drive, so he rides a bicycle into town, or rides in the senior citizens van, to get what they need.

On Friday, Gordon informed the couple they were chosen as winners of the contest. He stated the new roof, which has a 10-year warranty on material and labor, would be installed within the next couple of weeks.

Mr. McNeil stated his roof is rusting and the repairs are needed. “I really appreciate it and I know my wife will too,” he said.

Gordon noted this is the first time he has donated a roof restoration job, and he hopes to make it an annual event, with other businesses getting involved to help those truly in need.

“Next year we’re going to try and incorporate some other people that might donate some materials (to roof a shingle home), because I don’t do shingle work,” Gordon said. He explained his company primarily renovates metal roofs.

“I think if you’re blessed, you should pay that forward,” Gordon said.