Meet Me at the 'Creek' in Dresden: Cypress Creek Bake Shop & Meat Co. Offers Variety of Menu Items


Their shop sits right behind the Court Square in Dresden with an outdoor patio to enjoy lunch.

By Shannon Taylor

Associate Editor

Sitting right behind the Court Square in Dresden is a local bake and meat shop that offers so much more than their name, Cypress Creek Bake Shop & Meat Company, suggests.

Owners Kelly Brewer and Paul Malone had always wanted to raise Boer goats. They started out just raising goats, but Brewer said that after some research she found out that they needed more outlets than what they currently had for goat meat if they were going to sell it.

That’s how the Cypress Creek Bake Shop & Meat Co. was born, Brewer said.

“It was mainly for another market to get our goat meat out because there’s no market around here that has it and it’s becoming a very popular meat,” she said. Brewer claims that goat meat is the healthiest red meat and they wanted to introduce it to the rest of the world. Their goat meat is entirely farm to table, Brewer said.

Brewer is originally from the Skullbone community and Malone is from Illinois, but has lived in Weakley County for 20 years and is a graduate of Westview in Martin. They had been getting everything together for four years just trying to get to the point where they could open and they had looked at the building they are currently located at back in 2020. Then COVID hit, halting their ability to do much of anything, Brewer explained.

After COVID, they looked at the building again, but it had already sold and Brewer said she found out who the building was sold to and was persistent enough that they were able to buy it. It is a USDA facility and Brewer said as far as she knows, they are the only USDA facility that does what they do that isn’t a corporation.

Brewer said that they raise their own goats and she’s also the vet for them, having obtained her nursing degree and doing an internship with a vet clinic and being a vet tech for a few years. “It can be overwhelming at times.” Brewer and Malone have close to 200 head of goats currently, she said.

Check out their homemade items which include candles, soaps and locally-owned honey from Palmersville.

Brewer said that she is an advocate for the community and she tries to make as many donations as she can for local groups.

“I try and help everyone that I can. I have a limit for monetary donations but if I’m not able to do a monetary donation, I always offer something else.” They have donated to Dresden Cheer, the Joey Guest Poker Run, First Community Bank, FFA Silent Auction, Cash Express and many more. They also offer catering services.

Cypress Creek Bake Shop & Meat Co offers a variety of selections in their store, which includes fresh-meat, custom cuts (which they try to keep at choice or prime), deli meats, cheeses, seafood, goat meat, pork, and beef. Brewer said they have the smoker going and have BBQ all the time. They offer family packs, sandwiches and plate lunches of barbecue.

“Everything is homemade. This place is like a whole little world in itself,” Brewer said.

Along with all their meats, cheeses and hot meals, they also offer homemade pies, cakes, goat milk soaps, local candles, laundry detergent, body butters, bath salts, local honey, local freeze-dried candy, glass jars and sippy cups.

“Everything that we make — we have put ourselves into it, so when you come in here and you get that piece of pie — that’s part of us and that’s who we are and how we are,” Brewer said. Keeping everything local is a top priority for Cypress Creek, Brewer said. Brewer said that she’ll buy anything leftover at the Farmer's Market to keep things local and help the community.

The shop is open Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m.-6 p.m. They started serving breakfast in July from Monday through Friday from 7-10 a.m. and on Saturdays from 7-11 a.m. Follow the shop on Facebook at

A variety of meat and cheese choices, fresh baked items, freeze dried candy and glass jars available.