Live Streaming Meetings Discussed


Greenfield City Board


The Greenfield City Board of Mayor and Aldermen discussed the possibility of hiring a professional online video streaming service to transmit city board meetings for public viewing, instead of continuing to stream the meetings utilizing the city’s computer system and sending it to its Facebook page.

The board previously expressed interest in acquiring the services of a commercial video streaming company, which would be more professional than posting the meeting on Facebook.

Regarding locating a professional online video streaming service to provide public viewing of city board meetings, City Recorder Callie Smithson stated she found one costing $3,000 per year, but will continue looking to get cost estimates from other companies. She noted the professional service providers preserve the videos to make them accessible for future reference.

Some of the advantages offered by utilizing a professional streaming service include:

  • preventing buffering, dropped frames, stuttering or other interruptions from disrupting the broadcast;
  • content is sent on a short delay to ensure video is delivered perfectly to online viewers;
  • powerful encoders take video input from a switcher, camera, or other device and ensure perfect video content is transported to the cloud;
  • perfect video content is received from an encoder, so every frame is sent to online viewers or other venues with 100 percent integrity;
  • high-quality video is sent to online viewers point-to-point through decoders;
  • capable of broadcasting stream to YouTube, Facebook, the city’s website, and mobile or TV apps - all at the same time - using the cloud.
  • videos are seen and heard, no matter where people are viewing.

Alderman James Roy Pope mentioned checking with local churches about the streaming service providers they use, which might be considerably cheaper.

Alderwoman Kelly Keylon suggested the possibility of streaming city board meetings utilizing a continuing student-based project.

City Attorney Beau Pemberton stated the board could contact Rodney Freed, who is a professor at UT Martin’s Communications Department and specializes in radio and television broadcasting operations.

“He is very technical and will be able to give us good insight regarding a student-based project,” Pemberton said.

Department Reports

In departmental reports, Fire Chief Bob Dudley reported everything is going well with plans for the Greenfield Fire Prevention Festival. He also mentioned the event will feature live entertainment.

Public Works Director Robert Rodriguez said, “We’ve been working on lots of water leaks.” Rodriguez noted an employee resigned for a job elsewhere and he needs to fill the vacant position. Mayor Cindy McAdams said the city has received three applications and another additional individual has inquired about the job.

Parks and Recreation Director Chris Fulcher said he met with the Parks and Recreation Board on August 3. He reported work on the restrooms around pit one has been completed. Fulcher expressed his thanks to Curtis Norwood for accomplishing the work in a timely manner. He stated, during the meeting, someone suggested providing overflow parking behind the softball field. Fulcher announced applications are available to sign up for Pee-Wee Football for grades K-2 and Tag Football for grades 3-5. Fulcher announced the forms will be available on August 11 and accepted through August 26. Completed forms may then be dropped off at Greenfield City Hall. He mentioned Pee-Wee Basketball is also coming up. Fulcher suggested replacing the sponsorship signs at the baseball field and replacing the signs along the highway directing traffic to the ballpark with larger signs.

Senior Citizens Center Director Marilyn Pugh asked about the status of repairs needed at the center. Mayor McAdams stated Steve Legons from First Baptist Church, who just returned from a mission trip, agreed to fix the ramp and install a new commode in the men’s restroom. Additionally, Pugh requested the city approve the purchase of a new Wii video game console, costing approximately $165; and to replace a faulty television with a Smart TV, which will cost around $330-$400.

However, City Recorder Callie Smithson stated there is only $200 in the Senior Citizens Center’s budget available to spend for these types of purchases. She noted there is approximately $9,000 in the overall budget, but these are restricted funds, which must receive board approval before the money can be spent. Smithson explained the Senior Citizen’s Center could request that the City Board amend the budget to cover the cost for the purchases, as well as for eating out on occasion, but she added that $9,000 is all of funds available for the current fiscal year. Alderman Bobby Morris made a motion to amend the Senior Citizens Center’s budget to allow for the expenditures requested by Pugh, which was seconded and unanimously approved by the board.

The board also approved selling the Senior Citizen Center’s van, which is in bad shape and in need of repair. The bus will be sold at auction as surplus equipment. Alderman Pope reported he has been unable to locate a replacement. He added prices on used vehicles are currently very high, making it extremely costly to purchase a vehicle at this time. According to Pope, the Northwest Tennessee Development District may have a surplus sale soon, and that might be a good time to consider purchasing another used van.

Weakley County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Barbara Virgin announced City Recorder Callie Smithson will be the new Chamber president for 2024-2025, and she serves as one of seven members on the board. Ms. Virgin stated online applications are being accepted for anyone wishing to join the Leadership Weakley County Class through November 2022. Additionally, she invited everyone to attend a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Suzanne’s Pharmacy, located at 932 University Street in Martin, which will take place on August 26 at 2:00 p.m.

Weakley County Economic Development Board Director Justin Crice stated he will address the board at next month’s meeting concerning a grant application, which will require the City’s commitment of funding for a site development grant for 28 acres of city-owned property.

Financial Report

In the financial report, Mayor McAdams stated local sales tax collections during July totaled $36,246.40, which represents an increase of $1,734.98 above June’s sales tax revenue amounting to $34,511.42. State sales tax revenue totaled $20,838.80, which is up by $553.38 from the previous month’s collections of $20,285.42. State and local sales tax revenue combined totaled $34,511.38. This amounts to an overall increase of $2,288.36 in sales tax revenue.

Bulk Pick-Up Policy

Mayor McAdams stated problems have been reported with the city’s bulk pick-up provider.

Smithson said local citizens must call city hall in order to be placed on a list of addresses needing bulk pick-up. This also includes brush pick-up. The board voted to have citizens contact city hall for bulk pick-up.


Mayor McAdams stated the city’s railroad caboose on display on Front Street will be sand-blasted and hand-painted by an individual from Michie, Tennessee. The area around the caboose will be roped-off until the job is completed to prevent any vehicles from being damaged during sand-blasting. The paint is ordered and will be delivered in approximately two weeks.

The mayor stated the Yard of the Month Award was presented to Billy Green at 312 Broad Street.

Mayor McAdams announced that a special called beer board and regular board meeting are scheduled for Tuesday, August 16 at 5:15 p.m., for the purpose of approving beer applications for Casey’s General Store and Cox Oil (Little General).