Letter to the Editor: Palmersville Resident Requests Cell Phone Access


A few weeks ago, the local media reported some commissioners were disappointed to learn that WK&T’s fiber cable service would not be reaching into remote parts of Weakley County. Commissioner Roger Donaldson even rightly stated that Districts 1 and 8 were among the most “under-served, not only in the county, but in the entire state.” I doubt that anyone in the Palmersville area was surprised by this lack of fiber cable service.

Commissioner Dennis Doster was correct in noting that our section of the county still lacks cellular phone communication, greatly needed in emergency situations for first responders, sheriff’s deputies, passers-through, and citizens themselves. Then Doster gave a possible solution: “a dish placed on top of the tower at Palmersville Fire Department.” Shouldn’t we resolve the cell phone service first and then Internet and fiber cable?

Nelda Rachels