Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor,

I've lived in Weakley County my entire life. All of it is beautiful, but to me the most beautiful place resides on the courthouse lawn at the War Memorial. I want to thank our Veterans for their service, the Veterans Affairs Office for taking care of our Veterans, and a special thanks to Ricky Cobb. The War Memorial looks better than ever this year.

As Memorial Day rounds the corner, I have a request to all family members, friends, and fellow Veterans who knew the heroes listed on the Weakley County War Memorial. Every year, I read their names, hear their names, but I know nothing about them. I want to change that and learn as much about their lives as anyone can possibly remember or knows. My address is 240 Jefferson St., Dresden, TN 38225, and I would be humbly honored to read any letter I receive. I've always been curious to learn about George W. Myrick, James A. Myrick, and Thomas E. Myrick who fought during World War II.

Warm Regards,

Chace Adam Kesterson