Lady Lions Push Through; Boys Fall to West Carroll


Dresden Lady Lion Lucy Curry


DRESDEN (January 14) – In Thursday night’s game at Dresden High School against West Carroll, the match-ups saw the Lady Lions victorious, but the boys’ team fell to the War Eagles.

The Lady Lions had the lead for much of the game against West Carroll. Paisley Pitmen led Dresden in the first quarter with 10 points. With the strong offense, the Lions’ defense worked to prevent many points being scored by West Carroll, who scored 10 points in the first quarter. Dresden continued leading throughout the first half. Lucy Curry led with eight points in the second quarter. West Carroll scored only eight points before halftime due to Dresden’s strong defense working to prevent the War Eagles from meeting the net.

The Lady Lions had a good lead going into the halftime at 29-18. When the third quarter began, Dresden’s offense continued to score, however the Lady Lions’ defense struggled to stop West Carroll. The Lady War Eagles scored 15 points. West Carroll continued to score in the fourth quarter, but the Lady Lion’s offense also met the net. The Lady Lions scored six points from the free-throw line, which helped Dresden keep its lead and win the game.

The Lady Lions won by a final score of 56-45. Dresden went 16-22 at the free-throw line. Dresden’s Lucy Curry lead for both teams with 19 points with teammate Paisley Pittman scoring 17 points.

The boys’ team struggled against West Carroll for much of the game. The Dresden defense struggled to prevent the West Carroll War Eagles from scoring. West Carroll scored 22 points in the first quarter with four three-points. The Dresden offense was blocked at many scoring attempts throughout the game. They were able to break through to score 10 points. The struggle continued into the second quarter with the Lions only making three points. There were missed free throws by the Lions in the second quarter. West Carroll’s offense broke past the Lion’s defense and had an impressive lead of 41-13 over the Lions at the halftime.

At the start of the second half, Dresden began a strong push to try and get the lead. The Lions, led by Zach Crawford, scored 18 points in third quarter. Crawford made a trio of three points and led with 12 points. The Lion’s defense also began to push West Carroll back with the War Eagles only scoring eight points.

Going into the fourth quarter, the score was 49-31, with West Carroll in the lead. The Lions’ offense had a strong push that continued, but the Lions’ defense began to fracture. West Carroll’s offense picked up 13 points. Although the Lion’s offense picked up 14 points, it was not enough to catch up to the War Eagles. At the end of the game, West Carroll won with a final score of 62-45.

Leading for Dresden was Zach Crawford with 17 points and Tatum Oliver with 10 points.

Dresden Lion Porter Finney