Killebrew Announces Candidacy for W.C. Circuit Court Clerk


Jennifer Killebrew

Jennifer Tharp Killebrew is excited to announce her candidacy for Weakley County Circuit Court Clerk. She began working for the Circuit Court office in 2010 as the bookkeeper and deputy clerk. In 2014, Killebrew was elected as Circuit Court Clerk and again won re-election in 2018. With a positive attitude, considerable amount of prayer, and a passion for serving the public, Killebrew is ready to continue her work as a public servant for Weakley County. “Now I am ready to continue the journey I began back in 2014, and that is to continue to keep the office advancing in proper record keeping for all court documents, to continue to increase revenues, and serve the public in the most enthusiastic and optimistic way.”

Since taking office in 2014, Killebrew has maintained an increase in revenue for Weakley County. In her first term, Killebrew located a company to process credit/debit card payments for both general sessions and circuit court and allow online payments. During her first term, Killebrew eliminated a duplicate position and saved the taxpayers thousands of dollars that would have been spent in salary and benefits. Being a good steward of the taxpayer’s money has always been a top priority for Killebrew.

Another major accomplishment during Killebrew’s tenure was the implementation of scanning all court documents. All current case files are now scanned and backed up on an additional server. Beginning in January 2020, the office began scanning older files. Killebrew stated “As we saw with the December 10th tornado in Dresden, the courthouse itself could have been destroyed. If that had happened all court files could have been lost, but with them being scanned and saved, the court record is preserved.”

During her tenure, Killebrew served as the 2019 West Tennessee State Court Clerk President and a four-year State Court Clerk board member. She served on various State Court Clerk committees to help enhance her abilities and knowledge as court clerk and bring that knowledge back to Weakley County.

Killebrew is a supporter of the Weakley County Backpack program. For the past four years, she has used her talents wrapping Christmas presents for others. She takes donations and gives all proceeds to the Weakley County Backpack Program and to date, donated almost $3000.

Killebrew is a life-long resident of Weakley County. She is a graduate of Greenfield High School and received a degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Tennessee at Martin. She is married to Adam Reavis Killebrew and has two beautiful children, Reed and Liv. She has been involved with Rotary Club, Carl Perkins Child Abuse Prevention Center, and Northwest Tennessee Economic Development Council Board.

“I humbly ask for your vote for Weakley County Circuit Court Clerk on August 4th.”