GUEST COLUMN: Vacation Planning


Dennis Richardson


The pool was ready. The operative word is “was.”

Then came the pressure-washing of the pool concrete decking. It really needed it after 11 years of build-up and it now looks fantastic, good as new but it is back almost to “square one” on the pool.

While letting the silt resulting from the pressure-washing settle to the bottom, we turned our focus to planning a vacation. I will get back to the pool situation when it really warms up enough to hook up the vacuum contraption, but definitely in time for our May 8 birthday party/Mother’s Day celebration.

Where to go on a vacation? Are flights safe? Do we really want to drive for days on end to get to a far-away destination? How long can we be away? After all, neither Lisa nor I are fully retired. Working on it but not there yet. Vendors like to get paid and so do employees and we don’t have anyone trained to do that just yet.

There is a summer board meeting in Las Vegas, but do we really want to go there? Or would it be just as productive to attend by ZOOM? ZOOM has caught on big during the pandemic and it has become one of the modern options. If we go in person maybe a vacation trip can be planned around that.

The Smokies are inviting and there are some interesting options there.

Vacation pictures are beginning to surface from others who have travelled to some exotic port. While flights are options, cruise lines have not begun to sail just yet.

We are not getting any younger.

Before we had our full dose of the vaccine, travel seemed iffy. And it seems all the interesting places still has mask mandates. I am one of those who really doesn’t believe the mask does much good against COVID, but it must provide some protection. I know very few people who have been sick this season with the flu. I wear my mask in church and also into businesses. Wearing the mask has become something akin to latching seatbelts. It is automatic.

Will we get back to travel without masks? I sure hope so.

One sure thing that is safe from COVID is this newspaper. I read that for whatever reason, the virus won’t live on newsprint.

Printed newspapers versus Internet versions is a whole ‘nother story.

Life is better with a newspaper. And we’re COVID-free.

Editor’s note: Dennis Richardson is the CEO and President of Magic Valley Publishing Co., Inc.