Greenfield Grabs Homecoming Win


GREENFIELD CELEBRATES - After Greenfield’s win against Bruceton, Head Coach Russ Brown and the team celebrate the homecoming victory and their first win of the season. Photo by Jasmine Williams/Dresden Enterprise.[/caption]

By Jasmine Williams

The Greenfield Yellowjackets were able to finally get a win for the season when they matched up against the also winless Hollow Rock-Bruceton Central Tigers for homecoming.

The game started slowly as a timeclock malfunction made the referees keep time on the field, but the problem was fixed later in the quarter.

The first noteworthy play of the game was by Landon Clark, who made a sack against Bruceton that moved the team back ten yards and resulted in Greenfield receiving the ball following some plays. When Greenfield received the ball, they had some trouble breaking though Bruceton’s defense, but a long pass to Matt Scates brought the team up 35 yards. Tyler Isbell was able to make the sole touchdown of the first quarter with a pass to Scates, and with the two-point conversion, that gave the Jackets an 8-0 lead.

Greenfield secured another touchdown in the second quarter with a pass to Austin Griffin for a score of 14-0. Bruceton fumbled twice in the second quarter, which were picked up by Noah Browne and Tyler Isbell. Alex King was a strong force on the team, pushing Bruceton back with many tackles.

The third quarter opened with Alex King running for a touchdown after an almost 50-yard run, which bumped the Jackets up to 20-0. Bruceton was able to get on the scoreboard for six points but did not get any extra points. Austin Griffin caught a touchdown for Greenfield in the endzone and John Featherston got the team the extra two for a score of 28-6. Bruceton finished the third quarter with two back-to-back missed snaps that took the team back 29 yards in total.

Tyler Isbell opened the fourth quarter with a run for Greenfield’s final touchdown of the game, putting the score at 35-6.

Bruceton did score one more touchdown, but the rest of the game involved each team making short gains before Greenfield took a knee to end the game. Greenfield won 35-13.

Greenfield hopes to continue winning as they face off against West Carroll this Friday, Oct. 14 at home. They will travel to Gibson County on Oct. 21 and will have their senior night on Oct. 28 against Lake County.