Greenfield Board Approves Mail-In Voting Procedures for Non-Resident Property Owners



The Greenfield Board approved ordinances and heard department reports when it met Tuesday, August 11.

During a public hearing regarding ordinances involving absentee-by-mail-in voting by non-resident property owners and rezoning two parcels of property, City Attorney Beau Pemberton said, “We haven’t had any public written comments filed before tonight’s meeting, with regard to either ordinance.”

After hearing from the city attorney, the third and final reading of an ordinance, establishing absentee-by-mail-in ballot voting procedures for non-resident property owners in municipal elections, passed 8-0.

The board also unanimously approved the third and final reading of an ordinance rezoning properties at 201 Garland St. and 308 North Second St. from B-1 business to R-1 residential.

Greenfield Fire Chief Bob Dudley told board members the 31st annual Fall Fire Prevention Festival is canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Next year’s festival is October 4-9, 2021.

Public Works Director Tony Stout reported smoke testing of city sewers is complete in certain areas, which helped identify sections of sewer lines that need repairs. Stout also mentioned city crews are patching potholes in the streets and replacing rusted-out culverts with plastic.

Greenfield Police Chief Joey Radford announced a couple of officers received pay raises after graduating from the police academy.

Concerning the Youth Football League, Parks and Recreation Director Kirk McCartney reported, due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases in the area, Bruceton recently informed him it canceled its youth football season and West Carroll will probably do likewise. McCartney stated he doesn’t see how Greenfield youth can have a football season either, because of the limited number of teams playing. He noted similar problems prohibit a baseball season, saying, “Only a few teams in West Tennessee are playing.”

The board agreed since the funds are approved to construct a restroom at the ballfield and the city leagues are not playing, it’s the perfect time to get the work done.

Regarding a proposed fireworks ordinance, Mayor Cindy McAdams stated she received a lot of complaints concerning shooting fireworks between June 20-30 and July 1-7.

During the month of July, local sales taxes amounted to $25,594.30, compared to the previous month’s total of $28,636.81, which is a decrease of $3,042.51. July’s state sales tax equaled $16,953.68, which is up $2,569.32 from June’s collections of $14,384.36. This indicates state and local taxes combined were down $473.19.

Mayor McAdams announced Greenfield Nutrition is the Business of the Month.