Green Mountain License Plate Expired in State


By Sabrina Bates

MVP Regional News Editor

Tennessee has a license plate that was issued in 2022 after a new design was launched. Local County Clerks are reminding residents the traditional license plate with a green mountain range in the background expired as of Tuesday, Jan. 3. Law enforcement agencies are also issuing warnings to residents that the license plate is expired and they will be on the lookout for the new plates.

The new plate design is dark blue in color, with white lettering. State law provides that Tennesseans may elect to receive a license plate that includes the words “In God We Trust” as an alternative to the standard plate design. This option to request an “In God We Trust” plate has existed since 2017.

In addition to the change in appearance for Tennessee license plates, there are also changes to those who receive an “E” tag for their vehicle.

E Plates are available to passenger vehicles and motorcycles driven by the following:

Auxiliary Police, Civil Air Patrol (spouse included), Civil Defense, TEMA, Rescue Squad, and Emergency Services Squad members, police officers, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, trauma nurses, and on-call surgical staff.

Documentation required for E Plates is a License to practice or an organization ID card, with the exception of:

* Civil Air Patrol and Civil Defense - letter from local emergency management director.

* Police officers - written certification from the organization's chief law enforcement officer.

* Auxiliary Police - permanent ID card of the auxiliary police unit.

* Trauma nurses and on-call surgical staff - letter from the chief of staff at the hospital.

* Rescue Squad and Volunteer Fire Department - the applicant's name must appear on a list provided by the chief to the county unit director.

Tennessee officials noted there were more “E” plates issued last year to non-qualifying people and this is an effort to enforce the issuance of emergency plates to only those who qualify.