Gleason defeats Hollow Rock-Bruceton in a scoring fest


By Jim Steele

MVP Sports

There's one thing you can say about the Gleason Bulldogs three games into the season: They can score.

The Bulldogs defeated the visiting Tigers at Parks-Edwards Field in a high-scoring affair, 56-36.

The Gleason offense was, for the most part, hitting on all cylinders. Drake Lehmkuhl had a rushing touchdown and converted two two-pointers. Aiden Legens had a pair of TDs as Gleason did just enough to keep the Tigers at arm's length.

"It was kind of back and forth in the first half, then we pulled away a little bit, but we never could step on their necks and put them to bed," said Gleason coach Noah Lampkins. "They got within 12 points and we put Drake Lehmkuhl in at quarterback and sealed the deal."

Drake Lovell carried 26 times for 212 yards and two touchdowns. Kaiser Crochet was 10-14 for 205 yards and two TDs. Gage Byington had four catches for 137 yards and two scores.

"We passed for over 200 yards and rushed for nearly 400, so we had a pretty good offensive night. We were productive," Lampkins said. "Defensively, we struggled, but we know that's our Achilles' heel.”

Lampkins is pleased with his team's 3-0 mark, but says the Bulldogs can do better.

"We're 3-0 and haven't played a good game yet," he said. "It hurt my soul to do it, but we decided to throw it deep."

Brody Sanders led Gleason with eight tackles, a pass break up and a tackle for loss. Lehmkuhl had five tackles and an interception.

Next up for the Bulldogs are the Union City Tornadoes.

"Union City will be a challenge to say the least," said Lampkins. "They are really talented and physical. We're going to put a game plan together and see how it works."

Kickoff at Parks-Edwards Field is 7 p.m. Friday.