Dresden Middle School Team Members Recognized at Sports Awards Night


Players from different sports were honored for their outstanding efforts, during Sports Awards Night at Dresden Middle School on Thursday, March 16.

Team members received recognition and were presented with individual awards in the various categories of sports including: football, basketball, softball, cross country, softball, and cheerleaders.

Dresden M.S. football players display a banner celebrating the team for winning the 2022 Football Reelfoot Conference Championship.

A group of Dresden M.S. football players were recognized during Sports Awards Night.

Dresden M.S. girls’ basketball players display individual awards the received during Sports Awards Night.[/caption]

Members of the Dresden M.S. girls’ basketball team receive recognition for their hard work on the court.[/caption]

Dresden M.S. cheerleaders hold plaques naming their individual awards.

Members of the Dresden M.S. cross-country team were awarded plaques for their individual achievements.

Dresden M.S. boys’ basketball team members display their award plaques.[/caption]

Cheerleaders at Dresden M.S. receive recognition.

Dresden M.S. girls’ softball players display their individual awards.[/caption]

Members of the Dresden M.S. girls’ softball team were honored during the ceremony.[/caption]