Dresden Condemnation Board Takes Action on Dilapidated Properties




DRESDEN (July 23) — The Dresden Condemnation Board reviewed the progress on several properties under consideration for condemnation during Thursday night’s virtual Zoom meeting at Dresden City Hall. “The Condemnation Board is looking at the worst buildings in our city,” Mayor Jeff Washburn said. “The purpose of demolishing those buildings, or requiring them to be fixed up, is to protect the property values of surrounding properties and increase the property values all across our community. We want to make Dresden a more attractive place for people to come and locate and raise their families. We want Dresden to be a beautiful community. Since I’ve been mayor, there have been 16 dilapidated properties that have been demolished, either by the city or property owners.”Mayor Washburn stated owners of properties on the list for possible condemnation will have their properties reviewed at the next meeting September 22, 2020.Kay Wales, who owns a residence at 119 South Cedar St., was given 30 days to repair the flooring, roof and wiring. Significant progress was made. The roof and floor in the center of the house were repaired and the kitchen floors are being repaired. Property purchased by Ray and David Harper January 21, 2020, at 213 West Nelson St., had the electrical system inspected and renewed. Work in all rooms is complete. However, Mayor Washburn stated debris around the house needs to be cleared. The building is to be inspected before the property is rented. The board previously ordered Martha and Doug Cole to repair the front and back porches and the roof of their property at 134 South Poplar St. within 30 days. The board was informed Marty and Doug have formed an LLC and are sharing ownership with Ruby Rogers. They hired a contractor to make repairs. The board agreed, as long as repairs are actively being made, no further action is required at this time. The board voted to remove a building owned by Judy Wharton at 211 Hyland St., from the list of properties under consideration for condemnation.Tony and Inju Winstead replaced steps, damaged siding and railing at the back door of a building they own at 320 Linden St., and plan to paint the back of the structure within 30 days. The board moved forward with condemnation proceedings after hearing no improvements were made by David McDonald, who owns the property at 127 East Park Street. Debra Todd and Paula Todd were cited for code violations regarding an old church building at 137 East Maple St. This includes rotted and missing siding on the front gable, missing shingles, the back porch area soffit and fascia are rotted and need replacing, and the front right corner of foundation needs attention. As no update was received on this property, board members agreed repairs must be made or they will proceed with condemnation. Deficiencies listed for a structure owned by Dennis and Pat Moon at 221 East Locust St., include: the back detached garage, which is collapsing and needs to be removed and replaced; the back porch and front screened porch need repair and the windows in the house are broken. Roof repairs will begin once the contractor gives an estimate. Porches will be repaired after the roof repairs are complete. The screens on the porch will be removed but not replaced. Windows will be repaired once the house is painted. The board agreed the garage is to be removed by July 27, 2020, and the property owner is to actively work on repairs. Mayor Washburn stated Moon signed a contract with Best Choice Construction of Jackson to do the work. A former rental house at 109 South Wilson St., owned by Jim and Traci Crawford, was previously cited for having missing windows with boarded-up openings. The bottom of the back door upstairs was missing and open, which allows animals to enter. Additionally, the window sills need replacing. At a former meeting, Crawford said his tenant agreed to make the necessary repairs, but never completed the work. During Thursday night’s meeting, Crawford stated he could make the repairs by July 31. Board members agreed to wait until November before taking any action on property awarded to Tracey Joyce and Luellen Alexander of C&M Land Sales in a tax sale. At that time, the redemption period expires and they can obtain a deed to property located at 200 East Maple St. The board reported the building needs extensive repairs. All doors and windows are boarded. An update was not been submitted on a residential building at 355 West Main St., owned by Brenda Dexter. The owner was notified the roof decking on the west side is rotted and needs replacing; the stairs and upper deck are rotted and need replacing and the front gable louver and eaves are rotted, allowing animal intrusion. Mayor Washburn stated new fascia boards and a new roof were installed. The board voted to serve notice on several additional properties as follows: * Tony Winstead regarding a duplex he owns on Linden Street. The property owner is required to appear before the board in September 2020 to report on the progress made on demolishing the structure. * Joe Bryant for a structure he owns on Pikeview Street behind Bryant’s Tire. * Donald Perkins’ residence on Evergreen Street, to determine if the building is structurally sound, after the posts on the front porch were struck by a vehicle. * Keith Kemp, regarding his former office building on West Main Street.