DES Completes Final Race of Season


Front row: Maggie Robinson, Kinsley Smith, Liv Killibrew. Middle row: Harley Taylor, Miles Cary, Cannon Floyd (overall fastest boy), Bailey Warthington (overall fastest girl) Irah Cinfarani, Jillian Gallimore. Back row: Coaches Dustin Rainey and Todd Maxey.

Dresden Elementary School’s Cross Country had their final race of the season at Dyersburg on September 22 in a one-mile race. Each race was divided by grade and gender.

In the girls fifth grade race, Bailey Worbington finished in first place finishing the mile in 6:42. The fourth grade race has Irah Cianfarani also finish in first place with 6:51, Jillian Gallimore come in second with 6:52, and Harley Taylor finish fourth with 7:14.

Third Grader Maggie Robinson completed her race in third place at 7:44 and teammate Kinsley Smith finished 7:52 in fourth place and Liv Killebrew finished with 10:12.

Dresden had three boys compete in the fourth-grade race with Cannon Floyd finishing first with 6:16 and Miles Cary coming in second with 6:55 and Tre Malone finished with 7:51.