Charger Students


Martin Primary School would like to recognize our Charger Students (Student of the Month) from each classroom for the month of February 2023. Charger students exhibit good behavior and character and are a role model for other students. Pictured are Kindergarten and PreK Charger students; (front row) Felix Morgan from Aubrey Ricketts’s room, Landry York from Latessia Shane’s room, Tamyiah Roberson from Alex Smith’s room, Ava Reaves from Michelle Vincent’s room, Jasmiyah Lindsey from Kendall Wylie’s, PreK students Kayden King from Lauren Saylor’s room, and Jesse Arnold from Taylor Zantop’s room. The first grade Charger students are; (middle row) John Warren Johnson from Darian Black’s room, Taylor Freeman from Rachel Fowler’s room, Sadie Stone from Lori Grissom’s room, Sehajpreet Singh from Becky Jackson’s room, Aria Jones from Miranda Jones’s room, Eleanor Parker from Elisabeth Kesterson’s room, and Kevin Legerton from Ginger Liles’s room. The second grade Charger students are; (back row) Lydia Willis from Rachel Cooper’s room, Eli Powers from Beth Hatler’s room, Sarai Rico from Brandi Gamble’s room, Paisley Dodd from Nicki Moore’s room, Zach Hamblin from Angela Sams’s room, Wrigley Wallace from Emily Walker’s room, and Bella Reaves from Alison Whaley-Crotts’s room. Not pictured are Ellie Cate Totten from Brook Allen’s room and Declan White from Emily Fowler’s room.