Character Counts at Martin Primary School


Character Counts at Martin Primary School! During the fourth six weeks, the teachers and students at MPS have been working on the character pillar of being fair. The students pictured above were selected as the fairest students in their class. Pictured in the top row are second grade and PreK students; Julius Moffatt from Rachel Cooper’s room, DaMari Bransford from Alison Whaley Crotts’s room, Davis Wilson from Beth Hatler’s room, John Hudson Turner from Nicki Moore’s room, Kadan Nguyen from Angela Sams’s room, Chrystain Oyuela from Emily Walker’s room, Trisha Patel from Lauren Saylor’s room, and Jerri George from Taylor Zantop’s room. Pictured in the middle row are first grade students; Meredith Walden from Darian Black’s room, Zander Boucher from Rachel Fowler’s room, Aurora Noe from Lori Grissom’s room, Avery Ferrell from Becky Jackson’s room, Kaylee Hodge from Miranda Jones’s room, Jude Hatchett from Elisabeth Kesterson’s room, and Emma Reaves from Ginger Liles’s room. Pictured sitting on the floor are kindergarten students; Anita Shelton from Emily Fowler’s room, Cannon Farlow from Aubrey Rickett’s room, Lyla Mason from Latessia Shane’s room, Camryn Booker from Alex Smith’s room, Judith Turner from Michelle Vincent’s room, and Cohen Byars from Kendall Wylie’s room. Not picture are Cash Nanney from Brook Allen’s room and Cleven Westbrook from Brandi Gamble’s room.