Beulah Land Cowboy Church Newsletter


Our church services are at the church and online.

Services are on the Beulah Land Cowboy Church Facebook page.

The church lifts up a special prayer for the church, Bro. Roger, Patel family, Greg and Sharon, Oscar and Chris McPeak, Larry and Mary Dew, Bill and Juanita Wyatt, Ron and Barbara Cooper, our nation, Ukraine and so many others.

Sunday morning, Jerry Luker led the music service. Bro. Roger and Cindy sang ‘Peace in the Valley.’

Ms. Doris Henderson will be celebrating her birthday this week.

Steve and Charlotte are celebrating their anniversary.

Bro. Roger brought the message from Nahum chapters 1 and 3. God will allow us the go so far, then He will put us on our knees. This also is true for our nation.

Sunday evening, Bro. Roger led the music service. Specials were by Bro. Roger, Sandra Smith, Cindy McPeak, Bro. Rick King and Gary Hutchins.

Bro. Rick’s sermon was taken from 1 Corinthians chapter 3. God expects us to continue to grow in our faith and become mature Christians.

Our Movie night will be on Saturday, February 18 at 5:00.

There will also be food served that night. We are making plans to attend YEC this year.