Beulah Land Cowboy Church News


MARTIN (January 31) – Representatives of the church announced they are having conducting in-person services at the church and plan to stay open. Services are also still available online for the Sunday morning and evening worship services and Wednesday night Bible study on Roger-Cindy McPeak’s Facebook page.

Members ask the community to join them in continuous prayers for the nation. Bro. Robert Baker led the song service Sunday, January 31. Specials were by Bro Roger and Jerry Luker. Bro. Roger’s message, “Servant Behavior,” was taken from 1 Thessalonians, chapter 2. “Our behavior as a Christian should be influenced by the Word of God,” was the message.

Sunday evening was the church’s fifth Sunday night singing. The Sniders (Andy and Andrea) from Ripley were the guest singers. Members noted the event was a “wonderful, spirit-filled service.” Robert Baker and Julie Baker also brought a couple of specials.

“God Bless you and stay safe,” Beulah Land Church representatives noted.