New Faces to Lead Some County Offices


TENNESSEE (August 4) – Weakley County, along with a couple of 27th Judicial District offices, will see new faces next month after voters made their picks at the polls Thursday for the August 4 County General Election and State Primaries. Out of 18,794 registered voters in Weakley County, there was a recorded 26.39 percent voter turnout Thursday, including ballots cast during the early-vote period and by absentee ballot for the August election. Of the 4,959 votes cast in the county, 3,639 voters picked up a state Republican ballot, while 645 opted for a state Democratic party. There were 675 voters who opted out of a primary ballot.

Weakley County Sheriff

The race for Weakley County Sheriff saw new faces on the ballot after current sheriff Mike Wilson opted to retire from the position he has held for nearly 40 years. WCSD Capt. Terry McDade claimed the Republican ticket in May’s primary election, moving on to face Independent challengers David Andrews and Scott Watkins.

McDade took the seat Thursday after getting 3,340 votes cast in his favor. Andrews saw 635 votes, while Watkins had 866 vote for him.

“I appreciate all of the wonderful people I met on this journey, my family, my friends and my work family. I look forward to serving Weakley County. I am humbled by all of the support. Thank you Weakley County for showing your support in me,” McDade said.

Weakley County Circuit Court Clerk

Republican and current Weakley County Circuit Clerk Courtney McMinn claimed the spot with 2,924 votes cast in her favor. Challenger and former Circuit Court Clerk Independent Jennifer Killebrew garnered 1,859 votes.

“I am very grateful to all of the voters who participated in this important election. Thank you to everyone for voting for me. With your vote, you have expressed your trust in me and I intend to uphold it and make you all proud,” McMinn said.

27th Judicial District Attorney General

District Attorney General for the 27th District Tommy Thomas opted not to seek re-election to his seat, opening up the door for candidates this year. Republican attorney from Obion County Adam Nelson took his party’s nomination after May’s primary. He faced Assistant District Attorney from Dresden and Independent Colin Johnson on Thursday. The 27th Judicial District is made up of Weakley and Obion counties.

Obion County’s results saw Nelson lead with 2,721 votes against Johnson’s 1,904 votes. Voters in Weakley County favored Johnson where he picked up 2,838 votes against Nelson’s 1,958 votes. The difference of 63 votes was in Johnson’s favor as he claimed the seat and will take office next month.

Weakley County Commission

There was only one District in the Weakley County Commission that saw a contested race, although a few new faces will take a post on the county’s governing board next month.

District 2, Gleason, had three opponents vying for the two slots on the commission. Incumbent and Independent candidate Eric Owen faced Republican challengers Wade Cook and Marcus Hopper. Cook earned 299 votes, while Hopper took 318 votes. Owen garnered 226 votes. Cook and Hopper will assume the seats on the board for District 2 in September. Larry Hudson will move off of the board after not seeking re-election.

In District 1, Republicans and incumbents Dennis Doster and Bobby Dunlap will keep their seats. Doster had 410 votes, while Dunlap received 399 votes.

In District 3, Greenfield, Republicans and incumbents James Roy Pope and Greg Usery will keep their seats with no opposition. Pope had 297 votes cast in his favor, while Usery saw 423 votes.

District 4, Sharon and Sidonia, will have one new face representing it. Republican and incumbent Gary Eddings Jr. had 570 votes, while Republican newcomer John Freeman saw 510 votes cast in his favor. Colton Nanney comes off the board next month.

Republicans Larry Kelly and Larry Taylor will keep their seats representing District 5 (part of Martin). Kelly had 307 votes and Taylor received 264 votes.

Another district of Martin, District 6, will have new representation with Republican Brian Donavant earning 146 votes. Republican David Bell keeps his current board seat with 206 votes. Dale Overton will move off the board after not seeking re-election.

District 7 will keep one representative, Republican David Hawks, who saw 325 votes cast in his favor. Newcomer, Republican Billy Hazlewood, had 392 votes for a seat on the board representing part of Martin. Beth Vancleave comes off the board after opting to not seek re-election.

Rural District 8 representatives will still be represented by incumbents Republican Roger Donaldson with 365 votes and Independent Jack Vincent with 302 votes.

Dresden’s District 9 will see one new face as Republican James Washburn secured 505 votes. Independent Jimmy Westbrook keeps his seat on the board with 508 votes. Donnie Essary is coming off the board after not seeking re-election.

Courtesy Votes

The following offices for District 27 and Weakley County saw no contested races. In Weakley County, the highest vote-getter for an uncontested courthouse position was Weakley County Court Clerk Kim Hughey with 4,451 votes.

Weakley County Road Supervisor Jeff Cosby won his Republican primary election in May and faced no challengers in Thursday’s election. He garnered 4,195 votes and will fill the role held by Charles Ross.

Newly-elected 27th Judicial District Public Defender Bill Randolph moved from the primary election in May to Thursday’s election, with 3,813 votes cast in his favor. He will assume the position held by Joe Atnip for the last 32 years after Atnip announced his retirement.

Other uncontested seats and votes garnered were as follows:

District 27 Circuit Court Judge Jeff Parham – 4,232;

District 27 Chancellor Mike Maloan – 3,987;

Weakley County Mayor – 4,102;

Weakley County Trustee Marci Floyd – 4,392;

Weakley County General Sessions Judge Tommy Moore – 4,223;

Weakley County Juvenile Court Judge William Bradberry – 4,190;

Weakley County Register of Deeds April Jones – 4,238;

Weakley County School Board District 2 Beau Atkins – 457;

Weakley County School Board District 4 Martin Hamlin – 630;

Weakley County School Board District 5 Wendell Cates – 360;

Weakley County School Board District 6 Steve Vantrease – 237;

Weakley County School Board District 8 John Hatler – 426;

Weakley County Constable District 1 Richard Black – 436;

Weakley County Constable District 3 Tony Trimble – 413;

Weakley County Constable District 4 Mike Beal – 628;

Weakley County Constable District 5 David Smith – 325;

Weakley County Constable District 6 John Cook – 204;

Weakley County Constable District 7 Freddie Brasfield – 424;

Weakley County Constable District 8 Scott Norris – 399;

Weakley County Constable District 9 Brandon Odle – 567.

Gleason had one Alderman At-Large position on the ballot to fill an unexpired term. Those seeking the seat were Mike Bennett and James Hines. Bennett secured the spot with 179 votes cast in his favor, while Hines picked up 30 votes.

2022 will see one more election in November, when voters will elect a Tennessee governor, U.S House of Representatives District 8 seat, municipal candidates in local city government races and vote for or against three state Constitutional amendments.