ABC Medical strives to serve local community


Will Spencer, Features Writer

Adapt. Believe. Compete. These three pillars are the driving force behind an institution committed to providing its customers and community with a comprehensive line of medical supplies and service.

Medical supply company ABC Medical recently opened a local clinic in downtown Martin on June 5, 2023, and they officially started seeing patients on June 12, 2023. The establishment is dedicated to modern medical practice with traditional medicine values. Matthew Bane, the owner of ABC Medical, elaborates on this mantra.

“The biggest thing is as technology has kind of grown, there’s a lot of new things that clinics are able to offer,” he says. “Things that have historically not been available to individual clinics have become available.”

ABC Medical’s primary focus is offering services that are a turnkey health solution, such as more advanced lab equipment and urological, ostomy, incontinence and wound care supplies. Instead of having to wait several days for lab results, patients can now have immediate results, usually within 15 minutes, for pressing health issues like chronic care management, and then adjustments can be promptly implemented in their care plans. ABC Medical also performs ancillary functions that include allergy and pulmonary testing, which are difficult to find locally.

“Living here in Martin or being right here in West Tennessee, we want to take care of the people that you see on a daily basis. We really focus on trying to find needs that local individuals have and what we can do to meet those,” he says.

Since most local clinics operate under a rural health designation, they cannot offer such services, so accessibility is especially key for an independently owned company like ABC Medical. Without those restrictions, its clinics can fulfill more niche needs in the community and hopefully save its members trips to specialized institutions in places like Jackson or Nashville. Other more traditionally owned clinics are so fixated on the bottom line of running a business that they don’t cater to specific needs, but that isn’t an issue for ABC Medical, which strives to constantly evolve its repertoire as a clinical team ensures quality care. This all can ultimately establish a stronger rapport with patients.

“That’s where the traditional values come in,” he says. “Our long-term plan is to have concierge medicine.”

Concierge medicine entails a unique program for patients where health issues can be addressed via house visits or telehealth calls. This echoes traditional medicine values and ABC Medical’s mission as it makes healthcare more accessible; it can bring that often-elusive necessity to you instead of the more inconvenient inverse. Bane underscores that being a locally owned clinic can make all the difference.

“It is a little bit different than some of the corporate healthcare, and that’s really what we’re striving to be is a different, better clinic than they maybe what some of the other experiences are,” he says.