1890s Gleason Home Restored

This recently restored home, built in the late 1890s, was selected to receive Gleason’s Yard of the Month award.[/caption]

By David Fisher

Staff Writer

Ed Scarborough recently restored this beautiful historic home on North Cedar Street in Gleason, from top to bottom, inside and out, with Pam Trevathan as designer. The professional landscaping was done by Noah Lampkins of Gleason.

The structure was built in the late 1890s before Gleason was incorporated, then known as Oakwood.

Organized as a community in 1850, the town of Gleason was first called Oakwood because of an old oak tree that grew beside W. W. Gleason's general store.

The home will be open for tours on Saturday, Sept. 2, during Tater Town Special week.

“We congratulate Ed on preserving one of Gleason's most historical homes, and encourage others to do the same,” Gleason Mayor Charles Anderson said.

Gleason Lumber Company presented Scarborough with a generous gift certificate in recognition of his efforts to restore the home to its previous glory.

The Yard of the Month is sponsored by the City of Gleason and Mayor Charles Anderson.