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Logging Truck Overturns; Only Minor Injuries

  A loaded log trailer trunk overturned on Mt. Arie Road in Greenfield, TN on Wednesday, June 6. A driver and passenger where inside the truck with both only having minor injuries.   (See compete story in the June 13th issue of the Dresden Enterprise.)

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City of Sharon Sells Theatre at Monthly Board Meeting

  The City of Sharon has sold the town theatre located at 115 North Hollis Avenue, for $2,100 on Monday, June 12 at the monthly board meeting.   The buyer, Thomas Waringtion, plans to renovate the old theatre and make into a center for local children to go to for playing various activities. He hopes…

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Committees at odds over ambulance service contract

  Finance, Ways and Means Committee members are at odds with the Public Safety Committee, regarding which ambulance service should be approved to provide ambulance service to the citizens of Weakley County.   The Public Safety Committee voted overwhelmingly to renew the contract with Weakley County Ambulance Service, during meetings on Thursday and Monday. However,…

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