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Sweetheart Couple Meet the Lovebirds: Corey & Candy Earley

By Shannon Taylor, Editor 

Love is in the air and this year’s sweetheart couple are showcased due to their celebration of love and devotion within our community.

Corey and Candy Earley have been together for 29 years. They just recently moved to Martin last year and are new to the community.

Candy describes her husband as “a sweet, gentle, kind, and loving soul” who rescued her at a time in her life when she thought she was drowning in a sea of health issues. 

“I truly was or believed I was, but this was the calm before the storm,” Candy recalled.

As time went by, on August 10, 1995, Corey spoke those famous three little words to Candy, “I love you,” and Candy said that she knew just by the way he looked at her that he did, indeed, love her. 

The two married in March 1997, but Candy’s health issues were still at the forefront, and they had no idea what was to come in their future together. 

Candy has had Type 1 Diabetes since she was three years old. Doctors had continually told her that due to that, children were not ever going to be a possibility, but what can only be described as a miracle happened in 1997 when the couple was blessed with a healthy baby girl. 

The baby had to be delivered three weeks early. “Babies of diabetic mothers don’t deliver well, but God was on our side,” Candy said. 

After the delivery of their child, Candy said that she watched as Corey went from a young man to a responsible and loving adult. 

Candy said that even though there is an age gap of seven years between the two, with Candy being the oldest of the pair, that Corey is the grown-up of the relationship and she’s the silly kid of the two. 

“The only time you can tell the age difference is in our music choices,” Candy said. A long trip proves to be extremely interesting where music choice is concerned. 

Candy’s health issues were “the epitome of a nightmare” throughout their relationship but through it all she said that Corey never left her side, not for a minute. 

“God has answered so many of our prayers,” Candy said. 

In 1999 Candy started receiving stints in her heart. Since then, she has received a total of 15 stints. In 2017 the Doctors told her that she only had about 12 years to live. In 2019, she had triple bypass surgery and in 2023 she received a pacemaker. Candy was diagnosed with coronary artery disease and congestive heart failure. In 2023 Candy was further diagnosed with Stage 3B chronic kidney disease. Candy is only 52 years old. 

The news about having only 12 years left to live devastated them. “We, my daughter and I, had Corey to lean on and God answered the prayers of His people and I’m still going,” Candy said.

Days came and went and with every Doctors visit or hospital stay, Candy said that Corey was right there. 

“He was and is the strength in our relationship. He takes such good care of me. His cell phone is attached to my continuous glucose monitoring system, and he’ll call when my glucose is low, and make sure that I’m alert, up and eating. The alarm will go off in the middle of the night to let us know my glucose is low and even though he has a long day at work, he gets up with me, to accommodate me with my snack,” Candy said.

Over the years Candy has had broken feet and reconstructive surgery on a foot, but that Corey dressed and bandaged her daily even though she thought at one time that she might lose her feet.

“My circulation is bad in both legs, as well as my peripheral artery disease and my neuropathy. They are severe. I have several means of mobility- a cane, a walker and a motorized scooter and then there are days that I actually can walk good-slow but good,” Candy recalled.

Corey will hold out his elbow for Candy to hold onto while she walks, because he knows how difficult it is for her. Again, never leaving her side. 

“He’s in the wrong field I’ve always said. He’d make someone a great nurse. The way he cares for people. He has a heart of gold. He took our vows very seriously and kept his promise. When it was said “in sickness and in health” he never once hesitated,” Candy said.

Candy is certain that her health issues will not get better, only worse, but one thing she is certain of is Corey’s love and care. 

“I know he will continue to care and remain by my side until I take my last breath. He’s a great man and I love my husband. He’s so good to me,” Candy said.

Corey and Candy’s relationship and perseverance shows the meaning of truly loving one another and caring for one another in sickness and in health. They have both endured so much, but they have always continued to put one another first.

Corey and Candy have shown that they exemplify the spirit of love and commitment, and they hope that their story will help to inspire others in love.

Their bond has stood the test of time, and they hope to shine a spotlight on a love that binds our community together. 

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