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Beulah Land Cowboy Church Newsletter

Our church services are at the church and online. Our services are now on the Beulah Land Cowboy Church Facebook page. The church lifts up a special prayer for the church, the Markle family, Greg Brayfield and Sharon, Oscar and Chris McPeak, and continued prayers for Bro. Roger, our nation, Ukraine and so many others.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Sunday morning, Sarah Patel led the music service. Sarah, Manish, and Kaylin Patel provided our special music. Kaylin Pope celebrated her birthday this week and Manish & Sarah celebrated their anniversary. Bro. Roger’s message was titled ‘Gideon: A New Day.’ From Judges chapter 1 and Luke 1. Despite our weaknesses, God can create great warriors in us.

Sunday evening Bro. Roger led the music. Bro. Rick King brought the message of ‘Spiritual Warfare’ from Matthew chapter 4. If we stay in the Word and know the scriptures, we can defeat Satan.

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