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Dresden High School Honors Seniors

SENIOR LIONS – Dresden High School football players, cheerleaders, Dresden Roar band members, and a cross-country runner line up on the field with their parents to be honored during Senior Night ceremonies before Friday night’s game against Hollow Rock-Bruceton.

Senior football players, cheerleaders, Dresden Roar band members, and a cross country team runner were all honored, along with their parents, during Senior Night celebrations held before Friday night’s final regular season game against Hollow Rock-Bruceton.

These seniors lined up out on the football field with their parents or other family members beside them as they were each named in turn.

Seniors honored during Senior Night included:

Football Players

*Maconnell Forrester – son of Ginger & Keith Forrester. 

*Cayson Pittman – son of Candace Walker & Clayton Pittman. 

*Jayden Dolack – son of Beth McCalester & Tim Dolack.

*Raymond Johnson – Son of DeAndrea Sowell.

*Eli Patterson – son of Jayme & Sam Clark. Grandson of Janie & John Clark. 

*Mark Maddox – Son of Kerri & Mark Maddox.

*Hunter Hamilton – son of Janie & James Hamilton and Jamie Hamilton. 

*Jayson Ritz – son of Ashley and Richard Ritz.

*Tatum Oliver – son of Valerie & Casey Oliver.

*Jaylyn Mitchell – son of Samantha Taylor. 

*DeAngelo Lambert – nephew of Shery Cox.

*Mace Wilson – son of Kelly Jo & Jeremy Wilson. 

*Brock Ellis – son of Karen & Dewayne Ellis. 


*Autumn Brackett – daughter of Amanda Tatum & Bradley Brackett.

*Abigail Farris – daughter of Cindy & Jeff Farris.

*Gracie Wilkerson – daughter of Linda Biggers & Tracie and Barry Wilkerson.


*Tyler Biggers – son of Amanda & Robert Biggers.

*Aiden Heisler – son of Dana & Chris Heisler. 

*Dylan Workman – son of Tami & Kerry Workman. 

Cross Country

*Trevor Carson – son of Ruby & Jeff Carson.

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