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Beekeepers Help UT Martin with Hives

LOOK INSIDE – During a recent field day, a local beekeeping association taught UT Martin students the proper way to handle a beehive in order to look into it.

The NorthWest TN Beekeepers Association met for their monthly meeting on Saturday, Sept. 17 for a field day at the UT Martin beehives. The university is currently working to have beehives to help promote pollinators in the area and teach students the importance of bees and how to care for them.  

The Association looked at the different supplies that the university has and told students Nathan Bradford and James McClanahan.

These students wanted to learn about how to beekeep to take this information to other farms that they will be working with after graduation. 

Tips on beekeeping, how to secure supplies, and how to properly look into hives were all shown to the students who hope to see more hives added and teach others how to care for bees. 

The Northwest Tennessee Beekeepers Association meets every third Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the John H. Wooten academic classroom at the UTM Ag Pavillion. 

For more information  contact Shane Williams at 731-335-2450. 

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