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Homecoming Queen Crowned, Court Presented at DHS

CROWNING THE QUEEN – Senior Dresden football player Jayden Dolack places the crown on the head of Homecoming Queen Maggie Oliver during pregame ceremonies Friday night. Also pictured are Maggie’s other escort, senior player Maconnell Forrestor, and attendants Ella Brooks and Marshall Garner. The Lions went on to win their homecoming game 63-0 over Gibson County. See page 7 for highlights from that game.

DHS HOMECOMING COURT – This year’s homecoming court at Dresden High School includes (from left) Junior Rep. Ashlee Mallon, Senior Rep. Lucy Curry, Queen Maggie Oliver, Sophomore Rep. Anabelle Spence, and Freshman Rep. Abigail Kibbler.

Dresden High School football players, managers, cheerleaders, and, of course, the homecoming court and queen were all spotlighted Friday night during pregame ceremonies.

Senior Maggie Oliver, daughter of Jay and Claire Oliver, was crowned as homecoming queen.

Maggie was escorted by senior players Jayden Dolack, son of Beth and Tim Dolack, and Maconnell Forrestor, son of Keith and Ginger Forrestor. She was also attended by Ella Brooks, daughter of Jennifer and Eric Brooks, who carried the bouquet, and Marshall Garner, son of Zach and Danielle Garner, who brought out the crown.

Maconnell presented Maggie with her bouquet and Jayden placed the crown on her head.

Other members of the homecoming court included:

*Senior Rep. Lucy Curry, daughter of Amber Crews and Josh Curry. She was escorted by Jayson Ritz, son of Richard and Ashlee Ritz, and Hunter Hamilton, son of James and Janie Hamilton.

*Junior Rep. Ashlee Mallon, daughter of Chris and Amy Mallon. She was escorted by Nick Turnbow, son of Joan Turnbow, and Tristan Jett, nephew of Jarred and Kelly Moore and grandson of Merkey and Tina Trevathan.

*Sophomore Rep. Anabelle Spence, daughter of Tim and April Spence. She was escorted by Tanner Oliver, son of Casey and Valerie Oliver, and Braden Hamilton, son of Heather North and Jeremy Gordon and grandson of James and Janie Hamilton.

*Freshman Rep. Abigail Kibbler, daughter of Brandon and Kristin Kibbler. She was escorted by Will Kibbler, son of Brandon and Kristin Kibbler, and Cooper Allman, son of Eric and Candace Allman.

Others recognized during homecoming ceremonies were:

*Football Managers: Ashlee Mallon, daughter of Chris and Amy Mallon; Gillian Melton, daughter of Joey and Ginger Cary and the late Matt Melton; Merissa Harrison, daughter of Joey and Kelly Harrison; and Carmen Clark, daughter of Sam and Jayme Clark.

*Freshmen Cheerleaders: Abigail Kibbler, daughter of Brandon and Kristin Kibbler; Liddia Foster, daughter of Dancil and Jennifer Foster, escorted by Parker Scott, son of Stephanie Forrest and Brian Scott; Peyton McMackin, daughter of Justin McMackin and Brittany Vitale, escorted by Mark Maddox, son of Mark and Kerri Maddox; and Briley Smith, daughter of Eric and Kerri Smith, escorted by Luke Di Pietro, son of Charlie and Jessie Di Pietro and Sarah McClain.

*Sophomore Cheerleaders: Anabelle Spence, daughter of Tim and April Spence; Britney Bell, daughter of Glen and Penny Bell, escorted by Jayden McRee, son of Tonya McRee; Avery Cogburn, daughter of Chad and Heather Cogburn, escorted by Aiden Lawrence, son of Stephanie Shopher and Charles Lawrence; and Alise Stafford, daughter of Daniel Stafford and Keisha Stafford, escorted by Raymond Johnson, son of DeAndrea Sowell.

*Junior Cheerleaders: Emma Boaz, daughter of Corey and Amy Boaz, escorted by Tanner Thomas, son of Brandon and Mindy Thomas; and Alivia Workman, daughter of Kerry Workman and Tami Workman, escorted by D’Sean Martin, son of Bre’Shay Martin and Sean Martin.

*Senior Cheerleaders: Autumn Brackett, daughter of Amanda Tatum and Bradley Brackett, escorted by Mace Wilson, son of Jeremy and Kelly Jo Wilson; Abilgail Farris, daughter of Jeff and Candy Farris, escorted by Tatum Oliver, son of Casey and Valerie Oliver; and Gracie Wilkerson, daughter of Linda Biggers and Barry and Tracie Wilkerson, escorted by Brock Ellis, son of Dewayne and Karen Ellis.

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