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Meeting Times Changed, Officers Elected

Weakley Co. Rules Committee


Members of the Weakley County Commission Rules Committee voted to change the time for regular meetings of the commission from 5:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and elected officers when they met on Thursday, September 1.

The Rules Committee unanimously approved a resolution to adopt rules regulating the procedures of the Board of County Commissioners of Weakley County, Tennessee. 

The amended rule, regulating meeting times, reads as follows: 

*The Board shall meet at the County Courthouse in Dresden, Tennessee at 5:00 p.m. on the third Monday in March, May, September and November with additional regular meetings in January, June, and July at a date and time to be set by the board of county commissioners at a previous meeting or by the Chairperson. 

*In the event any prescribed meeting should fall on a legal holiday or if any emergency shall arise, the Board of County Commissioners at a previous meeting or the Chairperson shall set the time and date of those meetings. 

*Notification to the members of the regular meeting shall be made by the Chairperson and/or the clerk using first class mail. 

*Special meetings of the Board shall be as prescribed by law. 

*The members of the county legislative body shall be compensated at a rate of $300 for each regular and special session attended. Compensation for attending duly authorized committee meetings shall be held at one-half of the regular meeting rate as provided by Section 5-15-107, Tennessee Code Annotated. 

* * *

Committee appointments included County Mayor Jake Bynum as Commission Chairman and Commissioner Dennis Doster as Commission Chairman Pro-Tempore. 

Officers elected to serve on the Rules Committee included: Roger Donaldson as Chairman, Commissioner David Bell as Vice-Chairman, and Lauren Rush as Recording Secretary.

The Commission approved a resolution to appoint members to the Rules Committee of the Weakley County Board of Commissioners are as follows: District 1 – Dennis Doster, District 2 – Marcus Hopper, District 3 – Greg Usery, District 4 – Gary Eddings, District 5 – Larry Kelly, District 6 – David Bell, District 7 – Billy Hazlewood, District 8 – Roger Donaldson, and District 9 – James Westbrook.

The elected commissioners with the highest vote total in each respective district are appointed as a member of the Rules Committee. 

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