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FCE Club Presents How to Prevent Falls

Submitted by JoAnne Gill

MARTIN (July 1) – The New Salem Family and Community Education Club recently met in the lovely country home of Mary Elizabeth Bell. After a delicious lunch of the various casseroles brought by the members, she welcomed the seven members by reading the Thought for the Day, “The world is my country, all mankind are my breather, and to do good is my religion,” by Thomas Paine.

The group recited the Pledge to the Flag and the Club Collect in Unison. Betty Bequette gave the devotional talking about her concerns facing the country and led the group in prayer. The group then sung the appropriate song, “America.”

The roll was called with each member telling their favorite potluck dish brought for today’s July 4th luncheon. They also told the number items brought for We Care donation and the number of canned vegetables brought for the July MyPlate/YourPlate donation, totaling 21 items.

The minutes for the June meeting were read and approved. Sue Stewart, treasurer, gave the treasurer’s report with no corrections needed.

President Bell announced that the County Council was meeting July 14, at the Farm Bureau Building in Dresden at 1 p.m. The Western Region FCE Mini-Conference will be held August 9 at the West Tennessee Research and Education Center in Jackson. All Council, Region, and TAFCE/NAFCE dues are due September 1 and registration for TAFCE State Conference are also due September 1. The September MyPlate/YourPlate donation for August is canned beans.

Bell also said to remember the Roll Call for August is to answer this question, “As you enjoy the company of friendship, what will you do to remain great friends?”

The Leader Report was brought by JoAnne Gill titled, “What Can You Do to Prevent Falls.” She talked of famous persons who have all died from a fall – William Holden, tripped on a rug, hit his head and bled to death; Edgar Allen Wolf, who wrote the screenplay for Wizard of Oz, tripped over his dog’s leash, fractured his skull, falling down stairs; Robert Atkins (Atkins Diet) fell on ice, died from complications after surgery to remove a blood clot in his brain and Alice Davis (Alice on Brady Bunch) died after a fall in her bathtub.

Most falls occur around the home during routine activities that could be prevented. Risk factors are poor lighting, loose or frayed rugs, rearranged furniture, clutter, pets or new environment. Falls can also be caused by poor balance from poor vision or hearing, medications, muscle weakness or poor reaction time.

She asked of the group, “Do you take more than three prescription drugs at the same time? Have you fallen or almost fallen down? Do you have difficulty getting up from the floor by yourself? Do you exercise less than three times a week?” If yes, you could be at risk for falling. Falls can occur walking downstairs, getting on or off beds, bending over to pick up things or walking a straight line.

President Bell adjourned the meeting by reading the closing thought, “That beautiful season, summer,” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

The game of Bingo was played and a period of pleasant conversation was enjoyed by all. The next meeting is August 6, at the Farm Bureau in Dresden, at 1 p.m. Linda Capra will be hostess.

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