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Dresden Board Meeting Cancelled Due to Lack of Forum

A large crowd of area citizens gathered at Dresden Civic Center Monday night for the regularly scheduled meeting of the Dresden Board of Mayor and Aldermen. Unfortunately, the meeting had to be cancelled, due to lack of a quorum.


DRESDEN (July 11) — Monday night’s Dresden City Board meeting was cancelled due to the lack of a quorum. When the role was called, there were only two aldermen present – Aldermen Lyndal Dilday and Kenneth Moore. Alderwoman Sandra Klutts came in late, making three members present. However, the city charter requires there be a majority of aldermen present in order to conduct city business. Since the board consists of six members, a minimum of four members must be present. Aldermen absent were: Gwin Anderson, Ralph Cobb, Willie Parker and Kenneth Moore.

Mayor Jeff Washburn announced the meeting will be rescheduled for a later date.

Items on the agenda to be considered when the board meets include:

  • purchasing properties on West Main Street owned by Dickie Hutcherson, Keely Nanney and Frank Peeler;
  • review of the city charter for possible needed changes;
  • the purchase of a new leaf blower machine;
  • reviewing bids on a four-way stop light;
  • the status of the American Rescue Plan Act budget; and
  • Construction manager for the City Hall/PD/Fire project.

Dresden Mayor Jeff Washburn filed a suit against the entire board of aldermen on Friday. The suit is a “Complaint for Permanent Restraining Order and Restoration of Rights of Office.” Complete details are available in the front-page article, “Dresden Mayor Sues Aldermen” in today’s edition.

When the meeting is rescheduled, it will be announced on the Dresden Enterprise’s Facebook page.

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