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Sharon Alumnus Builds Birdhouse and Student Expectations

Kayla Dyer’s class at Sharon School were excited to be a part of the installation of a new birdhouse built by former Sharon student Brodie Estes.

Sharon student Nate Box helps birdhouse builder Brodie Estes position the gift for class viewing of hoped-for cardinals and robins.


Weakley County Schools Communications Director

SHARON (April 19) – When students in Kayla Dyer’s and preschoolers in Michaela Frederick’s classrooms in Sharon seem to know much more about birds this spring, families can thank Brodie Estes. The Westview 9th grader returned to the site of his pre-K through 5th grade education to gift the school with a handmade birdhouse.

The project came about as part of Estes’ Ag Science Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) wherein he devoted 40 hours to an agricultural hands-on project.

Calling the end-of-the-year project “more fun” than usual end-of-the-year-testing, Estes completed ten houses with the goal of helping to “increase the bird population.” His last house was dedicated to special education classes in Sharon.

“We thought we could do one for the special ed program at Sharon so they could have something to look at and look forward to every day,” said Estes, the son of Sharon teacher Missy Estes.

A part of the learning he acquired is that different birds are attracted to different colors. So, he chose red for his house, that also sports a Tennessee license plate as part of the décor, in the hope of attracting cardinals and American robins.

“We are thrilled when one of our students returns to invest in Sharon School in some way,” said Principal Michelle Clements. “We look forward to the days ahead when Brodie’s effort pays off and we have some new feathered guests visiting us on a regular basis.”

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