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Tennessee Iris Festival Pet Show

This year’s Iris Festival Pet Show had many entries vying for the awards. It was not just dogs and cats either with goats and snakes making an appearance. Snake Sausage received the Longest Tail award. Snake Pepper earned the Most Unique award. Their owner was Katie Burregi.

Bon Moopie, the kid goat, won the Friendliest Pet award. Its owner is Hudson Barker.

The dogs showed out in the awards as well, with Daisie, owned by Angela Todd, winning Smallest Dog. Kai Kai won Most Unique Reptile with their owner Nick Skarsten. Cutest Puppy went to Kristin Kibbler’s dog, Maverick. Cutest Outfit was one by the pirate dog, Max, owned by Morgan Richards. Carson and Addison Vanmeter’s dog, Mollie, won Cutest Dog. Nate Montgomery’s Pickle won Best Groomed. Averie, Chrystle Johnson’s pet, won for Best Trick. Fluffiest went to Moose, owned by Abigail Kibbler. Largest Dog was Neyland, owned by Will Forrester. Biggest Paws went to Tank with owner Ashley Helms. Chopper won Shortest Tail, owned by Amy Childress. Krystle Smith’s dog Winston won the High Maintenance award. The Owner/Pet Look-A-Like went to Sherry Montgomery and Diesel. Most Talented went to Mike Tucker’s Vessel. Best Bark had a tie, Shannon Taylor’s Luna and Bentley Vanmeter’s Dixie. Smallest Paws went to Odie, owner unnamed and Prettiest Ears to Scooter, owner unnamed.

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