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Beulah Land Cowboy Church News

MARTIN (April 3) – Beulah Land Cowboy Church services are at the church and also online at Roger-Cindy McPeak’s Facebook. Representatives noted one of the main prayer requests of the church is that you keep our nation, Ukraine, the military and the world in your prayers.

Robert Baker led the music service. Dawn Dyer and Robert Baker are celebrating their birthday this week. Sarah Patel and Regina Watson provided the special music Sunday morning. Roger’s message “The Power of God” was taken from 1 Corinthians chapter 2 and Isaiah 30.

Sunday evening Bro. Roger led the music. Robert Baker, Jerry Luker, Matthew Cook and Bro. Roger provided the specials. Bro. Robert’s message was from Matthew chapter 18. “The Lord expects us to follow His instructions on how to handle conflict in the church.”

The church is having special services on Easter Sunday with an Easter egg hunt after the service. The church is also attending The Promise at Trace Creek Church on April 16. Wednesday services, which is the study of Revelation, will be online this week.

“God bless you and stay safe,” representatives added.

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