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SNAP Assistance Available for Victims of December Storms

NASHVILLE (February 14) – The Tennessee Department of Human Services (TDHS) has received federal approval making new disaster relief assistance available to Tennesseans who suffered during the severe storms of December 10-11, 2021. Starting Monday, February 14, qualifying families can apply for Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (D-SNAP) benefits and the Families First/Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Emergency Cash Assistance (ECA) program.

“TDHS stands ready to support Tennesseans impacted by the devasting storms in December,” said TDHS Commissioner Clarence H. Carter. “This one-time disbursement of food and cash benefits can help families as they work on recovering and rebuilding.”

Families who meet the qualifications for each disaster assistance program may apply on the D-SNAP/ECA application page. Applications will be accepted from now through Friday, February 18, at 4:30 p.m.

How D-SNAP Works:

D-SNAP benefits are provided through an electronic debit-like card and can be used to purchase food items at grocery stores and other authorized retailers who accept electronic benefit transfer (EBT). These cards will be mailed to qualifying families following approval. Recipients of Tennessee’s regular SNAP program are ineligible to receive D-SNAP.

Who Can Receive D-SNAP:

If you lived or worked in Cheatham, Davidson, Dickson, Gibson, Henderson, Henry, Lake, Obion, Stewart, Sumner, Weakley or Wilson counties on December 10 -11, 2021, you may be eligible for D-SNAP benefits. Recipients must meet special disaster income limits and experienced one of the following as a direct result of the severe weather event:

Damage to or destruction of the home or self-employment business.

Loss or inaccessibility of income including a reduction or termination of income or a significant delay in receiving income due to disaster related problems.

Disaster-related expenses (home or business repairs, temporary shelter, evacuation, etc.) that are not expected to be reimbursed during the disaster benefit period.

D-SNAP applicants will receive benefits according to the USDA FY2022 Disaster Income Limits.

Eligibility is based on calculations of allowable disaster related expenses, the household’s countable income, and household size.

Families who meet the qualifications for Disaster SNAP may pre-register online at the D-SNAP/ECA application page. Customers in need of technical assistance can call the D-SNAP hotline number at 1-888-615-8180. Face-to-face assistance is available by appointment. To schedule an appointment, contact your local TDHS office.

Disaster SNAP Assistance is provided under the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act and each eligible county is approved by the United States Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service.

How Emergency Cash Assistance Works:

The Emergency Cash Assistance program provides a one-time cash payment to families who live or work in Cheatham, Davidson, Dickson, Gibson, Henderson, Henry, Lake, Obion, Stewart, Sumner, Weakley or Wilson counties. This program will provide a one-time cash payment of $500 for households of up to 2 people, $750 for households of 3 to 4 people, and $1,000 for households of 5 or more.

Who Can Receive Emergency Cash Assistance:

In addition to living or working in one of the designated counties, applicants must also meet the below qualifications to receive Emergency Cash Assistance:

Families must include a child under the age of 18 or a pregnant woman (regardless of trimester).

Families must meet Families First citizenship requirements.

Families and household members must have a valid Social Security Number.

The family’s resources must not exceed $2,000.

Families must be unable to live in their home (or apartment) on the date the application is filed, or the home requires significant repairs due to the damage from the disaster, or the applicant must not be able to work due to destruction of the workplace.

The family’s gross household income must not exceed 85% of the State’s Median Income. See chart below:

Emergency Cash Assistance Income Standards

HH Size & Gross Monthly Income

1: $2,696

2: $3,526

3: $4,356

4: $5,185

5: $6,015

6: $6,845

7: $7,001

8: $7,156

Note: Add $156 for each person over 8.

Families who qualify for Emergency Cash Assistance and currently receive SNAP or Families First benefits will receive a deposit on their existing electronic benefit transfer (EBT) card. Qualifying families who do not have an EBT card will receive one in the mail. These debit-like cards can be used to purchase items at any authorized retailer that accepts EBT or at any Tennessee EBT Cash Access Location.

Families who meet the qualifications for disaster assistance may apply on the D-SNAP/ECA application page. To apply visit:

Customers in need of technical assistance can call the Family Assistance Service Center at 1-866-311-4287.

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