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Candidates Qualify for Local Races


WEAKLEY COUNTY (February 11) — Candidates running for public office have filed petitions with the Weakley County Election Commission, as the noon, February 17, 2022, qualifying deadline approaches.

As of February 11, 2022, a total of 60 Weakley Countians have picked up filing petitions; of this number, 44 have already filed their petitions for candidacy, leaving 16 candidates that have not yet filed.

Candidates that have picked up petitions and their political affiliations include the following:


Weakley County Court Offices

  • Chancellor – 27th Judicial District: William M. Maloan (I)
  • Circuit Court Judge – 27th Judicial District: Jeff Parham (R)
  • District Attorney General – 27th Judicial District: Colin Johnson (I); Adam P. Nelson (R); and Robert R. Young IV “Rusty” (R)
  • Weakley County General Sessions Judge: Tommy “Tommy” Moore (I)
  • Juvenile Court Judge: James H. Bradberry (R)
  • 27th Judicial District Public Defender: William Kenneth “Bill” Randolph (R)
  • Weakley County Circuit Court Clerk: Jennifer Kay Killebrew (I); and Courtney McMinn (R)
  • Weakley County Clerk: Kim Hughey (R)
  • Weakley County Register Of Deeds: April Wright Jones (I)


Weakley County Governmental Offices

  • Weakley County Mayor: Jake Bynum (I); and Andy Lynn Pence (R)
  • Weakley County Trustee: Marci Floyd (I)


*NOTE – Two commissioners are elected to represent each voting district (below).

  • Weakley County Commission-District 1: Dennis Doster; and Bobby Dunlap (R)
  • Weakley County Commission-District 2: Larry Hudson (I); Eric Owen (I); and Wade Cook (R), and Marcus Hopper (R)
  • Weakley County Commission-District 3: Jaye Massey (R); James Roy Pope (R); and Greg Usery (R)
  • Weakley County Commission-District 4: Gary Eddings, Jr. (R); John Robert Freeman (R); and Shaila J. Stewart (R)
  • Weakley County Commission-District 5: Larry Kelly (R); and Larry Wayne Taylor (R)
  • Weakley County Commission-District 6: Tim Allen (R); David R Bell (R); and Brian W. Donavant (R)
  • Weakley County Commission-District 7: David Hawks (R); Billy W. Hazlewood (R); and Barry A Tuck (R)
  • Weakley County Commission-District 8: Jack J. Vincent (I); and Roger Donaldson (R)
  • Weakley County Commission-District 9: Jimmy Westbrook (I); and James R. Washburn (R)
  • Weakley County Sheriff: David L. Andrews (I); Scott Watkins (I); Derek Coble (R); and Terry McDade (R)
  • Weakley County Road Supervisor: Allan Jeffrey Cosby (R); Greg Mansfield (R); and Terry Odle (R)


Constable Candidates

  • Weakley County Constable – District 2: Richard A. Black (I)
  • Weakley County Constable – District 3: Tony Trimble (I)
  • Weakley County Constable – District 4: Michael Beal (R)
  • Weakley County Constable – District 5: David L. Smith (R)
  • Weakley County Constable – District 6: John Cook (I)
  • Weakley County Constable – District 7: Freddie Brasfield (D)
  • Weakley County Constable – District 8: Scott Norris (I)
  • Weakley County Constable – District 9: Brandon Odle (I)


School Board Races

  • Weakley County School Board – District 2: Beau Atkins (R)
  • Weakley County School Board – District 4: David Martin Hamlin (R)
  • Weakley County School Board – District 5: Wendell Cates (R)
  • Weakley County School Board – District 6: Steve Vantrease (I)
  • Weakley County School Board – District 8: John R. Hatler (R)


Gleason City Alderman

  • Alderman At-Large (Unexpired Term) – Town Of Gleason: Mike Bennett (I); and James Thurman Hines (I).


Candidates That Have Not Submitted Qualifying Petitions

Potential candidates that have picked up petitions, but have not yet submitted their qualifying petitions are:

  • Andy Lynn Pence (R), who is seeking the office of Weakley County Mayor.
  • Weakley County Commission – District 3 candidates: Jaye Massey (R); James Roy Pope (R); and Greg Usery (R).
  • David R. Bell (R), who is running for a Weakley County Commission seat in District 6.
  • James R. Washburn (R), a candidate for the office of Weakley County commissioner representing District 9.
  • Weakley County Commission – District 3 candidates: Jaye Massey (R); James Roy Pope (R); and Greg Usery (R).
  • Weakley County Road Supervisor candidate Greg Mansfield (R)
  • Candidates for the office of Weakley County constable that have failed to turn in their petitions, thus far, are:  Richard A. Black (I) – District 2; Tony Trimble (I) – District 3; Michael Beal (R) – District 4; John Cook (I) – District 6; and Scott Norris (I) – – District 8.
  • Weakley County School Board members: Steve Vantrease (I) – District 6: and John R. Hatler (R) – District 8.
  • Neither of the two candidates running to complete the unexpired term of the late Alderman Danny Browning on the Gleason City Board, have turned in their qualifying petitions. They are: Mike Bennett (I); and James Thurman Hines (I).


Important Election Dates

The petition withdrawal deadline is Thursday, February 24, 2022, at noon. The voter registration deadline to cast a ballot in the May primary is Monday, April 4, 2022. Those wishing to vote absentee in the primary must make a request to the Weakley County Election Commission office by Tuesday, April 26, 2022. The early-voting period is April 13-28, 2022.

The deadline to file a petition for candidacy in the August 4, 2022, State & Federal Primary/State & County General Election is Thursday, April 7, 2022, at noon. The withdrawal deadline is Thursday, April 14, 2022, at noon. The voter registration deadline for the August election is Tuesday, July 5, 2022. Absentee voters must request a ballot by Thursday, July 28, 2022. Early voting for the August election is July 15-30, 2022.

Voters will have another opportunity to cast ballots in the State & Federal General/Municipal Election Tuesday, November 8, 2022. Tennesseans will elect a Governor, U.S House of Representatives, State Senators in odd-numbered districts and State Representatives.

For an election cycle calendar and additional information, visit

Local information regarding registering to vote or candidacy interests, contact the Weakley County Election Commission office, located at 135 S Poplar Street, Suite A, Dresden, TN, by dialing 731-364-5564.

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