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Beulah Land Cowboy Church News

MARTIN (January 9) – Beulah Land Cowboy Church services are being held at the church and also online on Roger-Cindy McPeak Facebook page. Representatives of the church ask the community to please keep our nation and the world in your prayers.

On Sunday morning, Bro. Robert Baker led the music service. Paxton Dyer, Brook Liberty and Olivia Haskins celebrated their birthdays this week. James and Samantha Butler celebrated their anniversary. The special music Sunday was by Sandra Smith and Cindy McPeak. Bro. Roger brought the sermon titled, “Fear and Faith,” from 1 Samuel chapter 17 and Proverbs 3. “God will Help us defeat the ‘giants’ that we face today no matter how tough they seem,” was the message.

Sunday evening Bro. Roger led the music service. Specials were by Brooke Liberty, Quanya Currie and Matthew Cook. Bro. Robert Baker brought the message, “The Unforgiving Servant” from Matthew chapter 18. “It’s our Christian duty to forgive others, just as God forgives us,” was the message.

The church will have a fifth Sunday night singing this month. More details to follow.

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