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Tractor Donated to City of Dresden


DRESDEN (December 27) – The City of Dresden received a welcome addition to its cleanup lineup in a brand new tractor donated by TYM Tractors to the city. News of the December 10 storm has made an enormous journey; perhaps best articulated by TYM itself. A South Korean Company with a branch headquartered in Nashville, attention to the storm-ravaged Dresden was brought to them by Tony Lay, a highly popular YouTuber with a show titled “Tony’s Tractor Adventure.” Lay’s hometown is Dresden, and was touched to find TYM generously willing to donate a tractor for the relief effort.

Dave Auten of TYM gave brief remarks beside Mayor Jeff Washburn, who expressed enormous gratitude for the donation. “We are grateful for this donation because it’s going to help us a lot, both now and further down the road.” Following the brief grip and grin remarks was a playful moment where Mayor Washburn fired up the bright red tractor for the very first time. The tractor is permanently donated to the municipality and will help to improve Dresden life for years to come. “We’re going to be better when we get past this. We’re going to prove the naysayers wrong. There will be new opportunities here. There is a lot of work to do in our community, but we will get there,” Washburn shared.


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