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WHS Health Science Seniors Offered Learning Experience at UTM

Westview High School health science seniors recently visited with faculty members of UT Martin’s Health and Human Performance Department for a first-hand look at types of equipment used in the field as well as learning about the types of profession on a health science career path. On hand for the visit were Jessica McGuffin, BSN-RN Instructor; Taylor Davis; Natalie Williams; Haley Simmons; Santana Ligons; Carolyn Glover, BSN-RN Instructor; Taniah Bailey; Ahyania Ivory; Abby Gunter Peyton Lester; YaYa Holmes; Noelle Ingram; Eli Garcia; Abbi Woods; Channing Covington; Gloria Hogan; Addy Hall; Bryce Garner; Ena Abad; Hannah Harrell; James Baxter; Clint Pierpoint; Luke Beam and Allison Paschall.

MARTIN (November 18) – The Senior Health Science students at Westview High School visited the Health and Human Performance department on the campus of the University of Tennessee at Martin on Thursday, November 18. Dr. Todd Sherman, Assistant Professor, led students on a detailed tour of the department. He explained courses offered in the HHP majors and he also stressed the importance of pre-service in a student’s college career. He explained how equipment, such as the “Bod Pod,” is used in training students. This is a device that measures weight and volume to determine body density and calculate body fat percentage. Sherman also talked about the training equipment students must learn to use and how hydrotherapy is utilized.

Bart Belew, Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Medicine (football and golf), provided valuable information on the career field of athletic training. Students toured the training facility and saw first-hand how the daily operations occur.

Students also had the opportunity to talk with Nelson Davis, Assistant Athletic Trainer (rodeo and equestrian), about his job description and first aid.

Health science is one of the largest industries in the country, with more than 11 million jobs, including the self-employed. The health science industry includes establishments ranging from small-town, private practice physicians who employ only one medical assistant to busy, inner-city hospitals that provide thousands of diverse jobs. Opportunities like this experience allow local students to see firsthand the educational choices available with different degrees.

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