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MPS STREAM Motors Past the Finish Line

MPS STREAM Program participants were (clockwise): Becky Jackson, Kim Castleman, Alison Whaley-Crotts, Emily Perry, Colson Alexander, Camryn Callins, Nolan Larman, Amya Tipton, Allison Payne, Jackson Teal, Ahmari Bransford, Kolbe Wright, Jett Thomas, Connor Brackett, Anazaria Thomas and Ivory Harris.

MARTIN (November 9) – The STREAM Program at Martin Primary School finished up in a “wheely” fun way. The students have studied inventors and inventions, and recently, they turned their attention to cars. From forces of motion to cars then and now, students learned about how automobiles are built, how they work, and how they have evolved over the years.

On Thursday, Tom Taylor and Alex Campbell from Taylor Automotive talked about the many differences in the 1929 Ford Model A Woody and a 2021 Jeep Cherokee L.

The grand finale was creating cars with sweet treats.

Martin Primary would like to thank all the parents who allowed their children to participate in the after-school program and the teachers Becky Jackson. Kim Castleman, Alison Whaley-Crotts, and Rachel Fowler.

Science, Technology, Reading, Arts and Math (STREAM) mini camps were mandated by the Tennessee General Assembly to address learning loss remediation and student acceleration due to the pandemic. Each elementary school has hosted a STREAM camp this fall.

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