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Dresden STREAM Students Experience Mobile Energy Presentation

Dresden students were treated to an experience with UT Martin’s Mobile Energy Classroom as part of their after-school STREAM mini-camp. Dr. John Cole provides the instruction using exhibits and hands-on demonstrations of various forms of energy.



Weakley County Schools Communications Director

DRESDEN (October 27) – Midway through their fall STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts and Math) after-school activities, students at Dresden Middle enjoyed an up-close look at where energy comes from, what they can do to conserve it, and how renewable energy works.

Teachers Jamie Babb and Sheena Scott have been meeting with their 13 learners twice a week since early September. The STREAM focus begins immediately after school ends and was fashioned to promote creativity and design thinking.

The creative approach to the study of energy last week was provided by Dr. John Cole and the University of Tennessee at Martin Mobile Energy Classroom.

In his first-ever outing at DMS, Cole, who has been behind the wheel of the mobile instruction for three years, battled high winds and a temperature plunge but kept the students engaged with lumps of coal, wind and water turbines, light bulb comparisons, a solar oven, and opportunities to put “pedal to the metal” and generate power.

To drive home the point of renewable energy, Cole pointed to the four solar panels on the roof of the van as the energy source for his entire presentation.

STREAM mini camps were mandated by the Tennessee General Assembly to address learning loss remediation and student acceleration due to the pandemic. Each elementary school has hosted a STREAM camp this fall.

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