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Hunters Can Donate Deer to Feed Families in Need

NASHVILLE (September 29) – Tennessee Wildlife Federation’s Hunters for the Hungry program is now accepting deer donations for the 2021 deer season. More than 55 deer processors across the state are accepting donations of deer to feed Tennessee families in need. Included locally is Birdwell Deer Processing, located at 393 Airport Rd. in Greenfield.

“We’ve added seven new processors this year across the state which means more sportsmen and women can donate their harvest to help feed families in need,” said Matt Simcox, Hunters for the Hungry manager. “Every deer donated provides 168 servings of lean healthy protein to those who need it most.”

When hunters harvest a deer, they may donate it at a participating processor. The venison is processed and then provided to hunger relief organizations.

Right now, hunters can drop off a whole deer donation at no cost to them. Each year, Hunters for the Hungry covers tens of thousands of dollars in processing fees for donations. If deer donations surpass available funding for this season, hunters can pay a reduced, $60 processing fee or redeem a Deer Coin.

Pound or Pack donations, which allow hunters to give a portion of their harvest, continue to be accepted in the rest of the state.

For more information about Hunters for the Hungry or to purchase a Deer Coin, visit


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