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Weakley County 4-H Forestry Goes to Regionals

Leah Mendenhall (L to R) and Reece Chandler studying wood samples during competition.

WEST TENNESSEE (September 16) – The Weakley County Forestry Judging Team competed at the Western Regional contest on Thursday, September 16. In Forestry Judging, 4-Hers have their knowledge tested on certain areas pertaining to the forestry industry. Students are expected to know trees and be able to determine the kind of tree based on its leaf or wood.

Participants also have to know how to use a Biltmore stick to determine the size of a tree and estimate the board feet. At this year’s regional contest participants had a set of leaves to look through and had to determine what tree they came from. There also was a set of tree disease examples as well and contestants had to determine what disease it was.

The Weakley County 4-H Team did very well. The Jr. High team, consisting of 4-Hers, Paul Mendenhall, Elijah and Christian Shannon placed first.

Weakley County also had two seniors competing – Leah Mendenhall and Reece Chandler.  Chandler was awarded high scoring individual, along with Elijah Shannon in each of their respective divisions.

Weakley County 4-H Forestry Judging competitors are (L to R) Leah Mendenhall, Paul Mendenhall, Elijah Shannon, Christian Shannon and Reece Chandler.

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